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Wat Klang  is an old temple with beautiful plaster bas  relief's over the Ubosot. Inside are rare wall murals of the Early Rattanakosin Period style depicting the Jataka and assemblage of celestial beings.

The Phra Si Phanommat Memorial  commemorates a community leader who was highly repeated by the townspeople. The Chinese-descended tax collector on alcohol products contributed tremendously to the development of the community and was rewarded with the rank of Phra Si Phanommat from King Rama V.

Wat Phra Borom That Thung Yang Situated three kilometres from the town of Uttaradit on the Highway No. 102 is one of the most beautiful, enchanting, ancient and revered places in Thailand known as the Wat Phar Borom That Thung Yang.Also known as Wat Maha That, this temple is located in Amphoe Lap Lae in Uttaradit province and was constructed during the Sukhothai period.

One of the most interesting features inside the  temple is the large,  circular shaped Chedi that

depicts Ceylonese style of  architecture. Enshrined in this Chedi is a Holy Relic of Lord Buddha.

Present inside the  temple is a beautiful and large  vihara. This vihara was originally constructed in

the Lan Chang style and was restored during the 18th century in Loatian style. Interesting features

inside the vihara include delicate carvings on the portals and beautiful walls paintings that belonged

to the Ayutthaya period. Also present inside the vihara is Luang Phor To, a large image of Lord

Buddha believed to have been built in the Sukhothai style. Located around the temple is a beautiful

garden where one can stroll around and appreciate the beauty of this temple and its surroundings. Wat Phra Borom That is a popular destination in the province of Uttaradit during the 6th lunar month. On the Visakha Bucha Day that comes during this month, a spiritual fair is held every year at this temple in remembrance of Lord Buddha’s final journey to eternity. Apart from the processions, music, dance and food, other interesting features in the fair include an imitation of Buddha funeral, light and sound shows, and Dhamma preaching's.

Wat Phra Yun Phutthabat Yukhon  features a Chiang Saen style Mondop which covers a pair of holy Footprint. It also houses a Sukhothai-style Buddha statue cast in bronze.

Wat Phra Thaen Sila Art  The major feature is the base of a sermon platform built with laterite. The square slab with pattern is believed to have been made during the Sukhothai Period.

Namtok Mae Phun, located at Ban Ton Klua, is about 20 kilometres from town. The dam-like barrier creates multi-level cascades amid pleasant natural surroundings.

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