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Bo Lek Nam Phi is the source of the best quality steel which was used to fashion swords and weapons in the past. Today, there are still two wells in existence. Ores from these two sources are believed to have been used to make swords for kings only.

Lam Nam Nan National Park  It is a complex mountain range comprising various kinds of abundant forests. It covers a total area of 624,468 rai and consists of mixed deciduous forest, dry evergreen forest, hill evergreen forest and deciduous dipterocarp forest, where the leaves will transform into beautiful colours during winter and is a habitat of various types of animals such as barking deer, deer, wild boars, bears and more than 200 kinds of birds. Places of interest in Lamnam Nan National Park are as follows:

Lam Nam Nan Viewpoints, scenery and natural landscape, waterfalls and Sirikit Dam.

Sirikit Dam

Choeng Thong Waterfall

Phu Phaya Pho mountain

Choeng Thong Kio road route.

Lam Nam Nan National Park Climate

Since Monsoon winds have an impact on Thailand’s tropical climate, generally, the temperature is usually a little higher and more humid in daytime. Rainfall is more likely during the summer months of May through October and the average rainfall is 1,440 mm. per year. During the winter months, in the mountainous North, the temperature is cool enough for tourism.

Getting there

It can be reach by taking the Highway No. 1045 (Uttaradit-Sirikit Dam) via Sam Yaek Ruam Chit (The entrance to Amphoe Tha Pia) and heading to Ban Huai Charoen and proceed on for a further 4 kilometres to reach the National park.

The Sirikit Dam is another tourist destination. It is located in Tha Pla District. The barrier itself

is 113.60 meters in height and 810 meters in length. Built in 1967 to block the Nan River, the

Dam was originally called Pha Som. The upstream part of the dam boasts beautiful scenery

especially during the cool season. A big lake called Suriyan Chantra is found at the dam. Here,

you can go sightseeing on a boat trip and even experience several types of accommodations

and food services. During the boat trip, visitors can also stop to pay homage to the 200 years

old Phra That. Built on top of the hill where the dam was built, its white pagoda now looks

like an island in the middle of the water.

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