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Don Chao Pu Botanical Park  The park is home to various wildlife, particularly crab-eating macaques, many of which can be easily spotted. The park houses a sacred shrine as well as a Buddha images showing his birth, enlightenment, the first sermon and in a reclining manner.

Amphoe Chanuman

Mekong River scenery  In front of the Amphoe Chanuman office, a long footpath running side by side with the river allows people to enjoy the view. In the dry season, from February to May, water in the Mekong River is much lower and allows islands to appear. Such famous islands include Kaeng Tanglang and Kaeng Hin Khan.

Around the Province

Phu Sa Dok Bua National Park Located in areas covering three provinces - Nikhom Kham Soi and don Tan Districts of Mukdahan, Lerng Nok Ta district of Yasothon and Senagka - nikhom of Amnat Charoen, with a total of 252 sq. km's. The terrains in general are mountainous stretching from the northwest to the southeast. Its rich and fertile jungles are habitats to a great number of different plant life. There are several large stone flatlands in different locations locally called Dan. The jungles of mostly mixed plants and trees and arid jungles are scattered around with numerous wildlife. Around Phu Sa Dokbua in particular, which is vast tract of jungles with plentiful water sources, can be found wildlife such as deer, wild boar, wild hare, squirrel, porcupine and fowls such as pheasants. Within the national park is mixed with scenic natural beauty, the fascinating stone cliffs and evidence of former armed struggles due to political differences.

Major attractions in the park include:-

Phu Pha Taem is a cliff adorned with pre-historic pictures of palm-prints and colour paintings believed to be of the same age as the colour paintings at Phu Pha Terb National Park in Mukdahan and the Pha Taem National Park. The cliff face itself looks somewhat like caves because of rock slides. The paintings are about 7-12 m. over the cave floor, the cave being about 60 m. long.

Amphoe Phana

Wat Phra Lao Thep  Nimit  is on Highway  2049 about 2  kilometres from  Amphoe Phana  centre.

It is an old temple.  Phra Lao Thep Nimit,  an  ancient  Buddha image, is houses in  the  beautiful

ordination hall is  about 200 years old. The Ubosot ( convocation hall ) is of the Lanna architectural

style .The principal sacred Buddha image, in the attitude of Subduing Mara is lacquered and gilded.

This temple has a Lanna - style chapel which houses the principal Buddha image Phra Lao Thep

Nimit. Built in 1720,  the Buddha  image, in the form of subduing  Mara and  decorated with gold

leaf, is   considered  the most  beautiful  Buddha  image of the  Northeast Region. The art style

mirrors the Laotian art from Vientiane which is influenced by Lanna during the 16th-17th Century.

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