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Pha Ma Klua is a site suitable for relaxation and for viewing the surroundings. Located near Phu Pha Taem, it is stone ground under the cliff hangings and pleasant with an assortment of plants and trees.


Phu Wat Stone Ground is popular relaxation spot for the local people. Crowds of villagers visit the site over Songkran and religious days.


Phu Pha Hom offers a panoramic view from the Phu Pha Taem mountain. Other mounts such as Phu Mu, Phu Phang Ma, Phu Mai Samg, Phu Song and Phu Akrachart can be seen from here. Visitors come here to witness the sunset to record the beautiful scene and to spend the night.


The 423 m-high Phu Sa Dokbuais situated on the bordering points of three provinces. On top of the mount are several rocky depressions, each measuring about 2-5 m. wide filled with different genres of water lilies throughout the year, the blooms of which are most attractive and lovely. Nearby is a large cave which used to be the hide - out of Communist followers which could accommodate up to 100 persons.


Phu Pha Taek ,known as Hill 420 during passed armed conflicts, is today a viewing point for the beautiful scenery in the area. From the north side can be seen the far - off mountain range of the Mukdahan National Park. Many stone grounds and timber woods can be found. The stone grounds can be as extensive as covering an area of 20-40 Rai (one Rai equals 1,600 sq.m.) while timbers alternate with prairies creating some interesting scenery.


The Phu Sa Dok Bua National Park can be reached by Highway No.2277 ( Lerng Nok Ta-don Tan route ). It is about one kilometre off the highway at a point between markers Km. 24-26, a distance of 60 km's. from the provincial town. The park headquarters are located at the Huay Hin Chai Reservoir at Moo 3, Ban Nong Mek, Don Tan district, Mukdahan province.

Further information from the park office at Tel: (042) 619076, or call the National Park Division, Forestry Department, Tel:5790529, 5794842.


The people of Amnat Charoen attach their lifestyle to local traditions and festivals that are held throughout year such as the festival to mark the end of Buddhist Lent, the Rocket Festival, Loy Krathong and Songkran. Moreover, they practice 14 moral regulations such as cleaning feet before getting inside the house, donating food to the monk, avoiding to step on a monk’s shadow, paying respect to the parents, paying homage to the Buddha image with flowers, candles and joss sticks and learning Dhamma every day.


Phu Sa Dok Bua National Park,  Major attractions in the park include:-, Cont:-