Amnat Charoen Province, Page 6, Festivals held here, & Wat's around the Province.
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Most people in Amphoe Chanuman are descendant of the Phu Thai ethnic group who migrated down from Laos. They specialise in weaving Khit cloth, preserving its unique patterns.


Their traditional musical performance Mo Lam always supports the democratic constitutional monarchy. Amnat Charoen people try to retain the Long Khuang tradition which consisted of teenagers meeting up for communal activities such as weaving or silk spinning accompanied by lively traditional music.


The Boat Race Festival  is held somewhere in October and November each year. The race is a big tournament for boats from Amphoe Khemarat (Ubon Ratchathani province), Amphoe Chanuman ( Amnat Charoen province ) and Laos. The race takes place on the Mekong River in front of the Amphoe Chanuman office. Visitors can enjoy the race during the day and shopping and entertainment at night.


Wat’s around the Province.


The Buddha Utthayan and Phra Mongkhon Ming Mueang  Located within the Muang municipality. It is about three km’s. to the north of town. The surrounding is naturally decorated with rocks and stones and rich in various plants and trees, transforming it into a park ( Utthayan ).


The Phra Mongkhon Ming Muang statue, commonly called Phra Yai, in the Mam Vichai ( Victory Over Evil ) posture. has a lap width of 11 m. and is 20 m. tall from the ground level to the top of the edifice. Artistic influence of North India ( Pala ) prevalent a thousand years ago, can be detected. The original statue, with a 8.4 m. wide base, a length of 12.6 m. and 5.2 m. tall, has later been renovated and covered with golden mosaic tiles in 2508 B.E. ( 1995 ).


Phra Mongkhon Ming Muang is a marvellous statue of the Northeast and a historic image of both Amnat Charoen and Ubon Ratchathani. Behind the statue are two other images but of different characteristics. Covered with soft yellow robes, they are called Phra La Hai or Phra Khi Lai, meaning not beautiful.


The description is based on the shape of ancient Buddha statues. They were discovered in 2505 BE. (1962) during restoration undertakings around the area. They are regarded as talisman of luck and the local people regularly seek blessings from them.





Amnat Charoen province, Festivals here, and Wat’s around the Province.