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Wat Pho Sila  is situated at Ban Puay Hua Dong, Tambon Puay Hua Dong of Muang district. Its special features are the Sema ( usually heart-shaped stone pieces placed along the top of the walls around a temple ). Here the sandstone Semas are tapering in shape with a spear-tip-like end and with narrow lower part. The base itself is carved with lotus in full bloom. On the Sema piece over the lotus  leaves is carved the likeness of a water pot doubling over an upturned bell. The entire design is influenced by the Tharavadi style of the Central Region.

Wat Tham Saeng Phetch ( Wat Sala Phan Hong ) Located within the Muang district on the Amnat

Charoen - Khemarat road, about 18 km's. from the provincial town and two km's. further on a left

access road. Within the huge compound is a Viham on a tall hill, to the north of which is a large


The cave houses a large Buddha statue of great beauty which is highly revered by visitors.

From the Sala Phan Hong area can be viewed the pleasant and beautiful nature, adorned by large

and small rocky formations. It is called Tham Saeng Phetch, Cave of Diamond Sparkles, because

of the gleam and twinkles from the stones scattered around. A number of foreign monks usually are

in residence to study the Dharma.

Wat Chaiyatikaramit Located in Ban Phone Muang, Tambon Mai Klon, Phana district, houses a 55 cm.- tall bronze Buddha statue in the Marn Vichai posture classed in the style of Laotian artists of Vientiane. It is comparable to the statue of the same posture at the Phra Kaew hall in Vientiane and the one at Wat Vichun in Luang Phrabang, believed to be cast between the 22nd and 23rd century BE.

Amnat Charoen Province, Wat’s to visit around the Province.

Amnat Charoen Province, Page 7, Wat’s to visit around the Province, Wat Phra Lao Thep Nimit.

Wat Phra Lao Thep Nimit   Located in Phana district on Highway No.2134 about two km' s. from the

district town, or 40 km's. from Amnat Charern itself. The Ubosot  ( convocation hall )  is of the Lanna

Architectural  style and houses the Phra He-la  Thepnimitr, which is the principal Buddha statue. The

image in the Marn Vichai posture is beautifully gilded in gold and lacquer and cast in 2263 B.E. ( Circa

1720 ), said to be the most splendid of Buddha statues in the northeast The influence of indigenous

craftsman ship after the 21st-22nd century B.E. can be detected, such as the outline of the face, the

Stretched - out ray over the head, the  proportion of the knees and feet, all  similar to wooden and

bronze statues during the 23rd - 24th century B.E.

Amnat Charoen Province, Page 7, Wat’s to visit around the Province, Wat Phra Lao Thep Nimit.