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Yasothon  is one of the provinces ( Changwat ) of Thailand, located in the North-East of Thailand on the Chi River. Neighbouring provinces are  Mukdahan, Amnat Charoen, Ubon Ratchathani, Sisaket and Roi Et.The northern part of the province are plains with low hills, while the southern part is the river lowland of the river Chi, with several ponds and swamps. Yasothon soils formed in the Triassic before the uplift of the Khorat Plateau, are relict soils made fertile by field termites through bioturbation. The province was created on March 1, 1972, when it was split off from the Ubon Ratchathani province.

Yasothon is famous for the Rocket Festival, held every year in May. Originally a fertility rite it has become the major festival of the year in the region. Every school in Yasothon trains its pupils to dance Peun Muang, a traditional local dance so they can join the parade at the annual rocket festival. Pornsuree Seesang now 20 and studying in Bangkok danced in the Rocket festival as a child, she remembers the fun but also the heat as the children will dance for 4-5 hours in scorching sun. This celebration lasts for several days and peaks on the final day with serial firing of the makeshift bamboo-rockets, some are up to 10 metres in length and propel up to 10.000 metres. The festival grounds and firing takes place in a municipal park, the festival and parade takes place on Yasothon's main street. Rockets are individually judged by a committee and the respective winners take home attractive prizes. Malfiring rockets and bad performing ones are punished immediately by a toss of the entire rocket crew in mud holes by their competitors!

The seal of the province shows two mythical lions, called Singh, facing the Chedi Pra A-non, in the temple Wat Maha That in the city of Yasothon. In the legendary account of the founding of the city, a lion came out of the forest when the site was chosen; hence the city was called Ban Singh Tha Home - Imposing Lion. At the bottom of the seal is a lotus flower ( Nymphaea lotus ), as the lotus is both the provincial flower of the province as well as of the province Ubon Ratchathani, of which Yasothon was part until 1972. Provincial tree is Anisoptera costata.

Administrative divisions

The province is subdivided into nine districts ( Amphoe ). The districts are further subdivided into 78 communes ( Tambon ) and 835 villages ( Muban ).

1)  Mueang Yasothon   2)  Sai Mun   3)  Kut Chum   4)  Kham Khuean Kaeo   5)  Pa Tio   6)  Maha Chana Chai   7)  Kho Wang   8)  Loeng Nok Tha   9)  Thai Charoen

Yasothon Province, Page 1, Geography, History of the Province, Seal of Yasothon, Districts, Map of Yasothon
Yasothon Province, Page 1, Geography, History of the Province, Seal of Yasothon, Districts, Map of Yasothon