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Wat Maha That is an important temple of the province in the town. The building of importance here is Phra That Yasothon or Phra That Anon, an ancient square pagoda with the top similar to that of Phra That Phanom.

The architecture is in the Laotian style which was popular in the late Ayutthaya to early

Rattanakosin periods. The pagoda houses the relics of Phra Anon. A state minister from

Si Sattana Khanahut ( Vientiane ) who took migrants to settle here about 200 years ago

constructed it around 1778.

Another historical site within the compound is the scripture hall that is in the Isan art style.

The  doorway and  the door are  beautiful  carved  woods with  exquisite  lacquer designs.

The designs on the walls show a mixture of art from the Central Region. Built during the

reigns of Rama IV and Rama V of the Rattanakosin period, the hall stores scriptures on

dried palm leaves and art objects from Vientiane.

Phra That Kong Khao Noi is at Tambon Tat Thong. Take the Yasothon-Udon Thani route for two

kilometres to get to the site. Built during the 23rd-25th Buddhist century in the late Ayutthayaperiod,

the small, square brick  pagoda has a  distinctive top. The middle part has designs of doorways on

all four sides. A brick wall surrounds the pagoda. A sacred Buddha image is behind the pagoda.

Legend has it that it was built by a young farmer who was repentant after killing his mother because

he was upset with hunger. Ban Thung Nang Oak.  The village is famed for its bamboo basketry

for household use and souvenir.

Ban Na Samai.  Located close to Ban Thung Nang Oak, the village is famed for bamboo basketry and carved miniature cart.

The old building of Ban Singha Tha.  Ban Khum Singha Tha, in Muang municipality, is the old area whose name is found in the city’s history.

Phu Tham Phra.  Housing many buddhas statue,

the cave Phu Tham Phra is six metres wide and

16 metres long. The shady mountain is blanketed

with lush forest. Other caves in the area include

Than Keng, Tham Ngu Suang, Tham Kliang,

and Tham Prombutr.

Yasothon Province, Interesting places to visit. Wat Maha That, Phra That Kong Khao Noi, Phu Tham Phra.

Yasothon Province, Page 3,  Interesting places to visit. Wat Maha That, Phra That Kong Khao Noi, Phu Tham Phra.