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Khit Pillow at Ban Sri Than.  The village is famed for Khit Pillow, local style pillow with beautiful patterns. After harvest, most villagers earn extra by producing Khit Pillow.

Ban Song Puey Archeological Site.  Its significant attractions include:

Big Buddha Image.  Made of brick, the principal Buddha of Wat Song Puey is three metres wide and eight metres high. This sacred image can be dated back to more than 200 years.

Pagodas containing soil from holy sites of Buddhism.  The old pagoda, more than 200 years old houses soil from holy site of Buddha, namely the place of birth, enlightenment, the first sermon, and nirvana, brought from India by a Buddhist monk, Khien Ammaphand.

The replica of Buddha Footprint.  The footprint was built by sponsoring of Field Marshal Plaek Pibulsongkram and his lady. Many local people come to bath the footprint During Songkran Festival.

Antique Museum. The museum features antiques found from Dong Muang Toey, an ancient Khmer town. The antique include stone bed of the mayor, and stone inscription in ancient Khmer letter.

Phaya Thaen Public Park Phaya Thaen is a rain god according to the belief of Isan people. Phaya Thaen Public Park is on Chaeng Sanit Road in the municipality. The large area is surrounded by a small waterway and is decorated with flowers and decorative plants. It also has a health park. The park is the venue of various provincial fairs like the Rocket Festival, the annual boat race and the Songkran Festival.

Yasothon Buddha Footprint.  The Buddha Footprint is placed on white sandy hill. It is considered a sacred antique of the province. An antique found nearby is a 2-foot-wide ( 0.61 m ) laterite Buddha image in the attitude of meditation under naga protection, and a laterite inscription which is a metre high and 50 centimetre wide.

Hor Trai, or library of Wat Sra Trinurak.  The ancient pavilion, over a century old, located amidst

pond is housing Buddhist scriptures since ancient time. The Burmese-style wooden architecture

is 8.30 metre wide and 10.50 metre long, with 4-level metal-sheet roof and long eaves at all sides.

Yasothon Province, Page 4, Places to see, Hor Trai, or library of Wat Sra Trinurak, Khit Pillow at Ban Sri Than.

Yasothon Province, Places to see, Hor Trai, or library of Wat Sra Trinurak, Khit Pillow at Ban Sri Than.