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Local Products

Yasothon boasts of its fragrant Khao Hom Mali rice, watermelons ( of the red-fleshed, spherical variety sometimes called icebox melons ) and handcrafted axe pillows ( Mon Kwan ) a specialty of Ban Si Than, the Khit Pillow Making Village in Tambon Si Than, Amphoe Pa Tio.


Rocket Festival - The festival of great fun is held during every second weekend of May at Phaya Taen Park, with the initial objective to boost harmony in each team. Yasothon people also believe that the festival will please gods and sacred spirit which create proper rain and prosperous food. Each rocket joining the celebration will be decorated beautifully with Thai traditional patterns in gold colour. It is said that rocket maker spends months in cutting the pattern before gluing with the rocket.

The rocket head will be decorated differently, but the most popular figure is naga spraying water. Rocket head may be found decorated with other figures, anyway, all are related to rain-begging legends. The rocket will be tightly place on base attached to car or cart for joining the parade.

There are various types of rocket, namely Bang Fai Kilo, Bang Fai Muen, and Bang Fai Saen. Bang Fai Kilo means the rocket contains a kilogram of niter Bang Fai Muen contains 12 kilograms of niter and Bang Fai Saen contains 120 kilograms of niter After making decision what type of rocket they will make, the villager will make it by themselves or assign a specialist. In making a rocket, it requires veteran specialist who can calculate proper proportion of niter and charcoal, otherwise, the rocket will be explode during the launching. The rockets will be tightly tied with a pile, making from a very straight bamboo trunk at proper length. The rocket will be launched in big field a day after the parade. Traditionally, owner of the rocket which is not launched successfully will be thrown into muddy pond.

Garland Festival  The ancient festival of Ban Yardfah, Amphoe Maha Chana Chai, is held annually during Makha Pucha Day. Buddhist believes that on that day, the Lord Buddha comes back from the heaven after preaching his mother. Angels welcome him back with flowers and rice. Such belief is turned into tradition when villagers make beautiful garland from rice (The rice will be baked until it pops like popcorn). Today the rice garland, 4-6 metres long, will be decorated with flowers and beads. The garland will be shown on beautiful and unique parade, and used for decorating temple’s pavilion a day before Makha Pucha.

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