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Phra Wor Phra Ta City Pillar Shrine. The city pillar shrine was built to honour Phra Wor and Phra Ta, who founded the city.

Namtok Huay To Botanical Park. This shady park is a popular place for picnic. The secreted shrine of Pu Loop is located nearby.

Shell Fossil Museum.  The museum features fossils of shells from the Jurassic period, dating to 140-150 million years ago. In the nearby area, 60 dinosaur fossils can be seen in the layer of siltstone, above the layer where the fossils of shells and ancient crocodiles are found.

Wat Tham Klong Pen  This is the province’s famed forest temple. Blanketed with lush vegetable and decorated with rock garden, the temple is shady and peaceful. The main hall ( Ubosot ) houses a statue of Luang Pu Khao and two-sided ancient drum or Klong Pen.

Museum of Luang Pu Lod.  Located in the compound of Wat Tham Klong Pen is the Pmotita Pagoda, which houses a relic of the Lord Buddha sent from Nepal.

Wat Sri Koon Muang.  Located on Worarat Road, the ancient temple houses ancient stone leaves which are significant archeological artefacts, and ‘Luang Por Phra Chaichettha’ significant Buddha statue in Laotian style.

Phu Phan Noi.The mountain provides great view point ‘Dao Bon Din’ or ‘Stars On the Ground’.

None Wat Pa.   The historical site once was ancient temple as stone Buddha image in the attitude of seating under protection of naga, ancient architecture and antiques from the Khmer era are found.

Phu Khao-Phu Phan Kham National Park.  The park features two sandstone mountains situated away from each other. It is blanketed by deciduous dipterocarp forest, mixed dipterocarp forest, and dry evergreen forest. The park’s headquarter is located by the reservoir of Ubonrat Dam, close to Phu Khan Kham.

Phu Phan Kham.  The mountain range, which is part of Phu Phan Range, is on the east of Phong River Basin.

Phu Khao is rugged sandstone mountain range in the shape of a pan. It comprises nine mountains. Home of numerous wildlife, all nine mountains are blanketed with lush forest.