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Wat Phra Buddha Bat Phu Khao. The ancient temple houses two gigantic foot prints, of human and dog, on the rock. In its compound, there are Tham Mum and Tham Archan Sim, the caves which house pre-historical paintings and carving on the walls.

Tham Sua Tok, Tham Pla Hai, Tham Chek. The caves are interesting archeological sites. They house cave painting and carving which can be dated back to 1,500 years ago.

Ham Tang Stone Pillar. The area is filled up with rocks in different weird shape. The outstanding one is huge rock sitting on the other like mushroom, making it a remarkable natural sculpture.

Hor Sawan. The rock-top pavilion is amazingly built on a huge rock sitting by 30-metre high cliff.

Tad Fah Waterfall. The small falls cascade through mixed dipterocarp forest before plunging seven metres down into big pool below.

None Don Klang Archeological Site ( Ban Kud Kwang Soy )  Pre-historical artefacts found here include terra cotta similar to Ban Chiang Culture, human’s skeleton, bronze and stone bracelet, glass beat, sandstone mould for bronze axe, steel tool etc. Some artefacts are kept at National Museum Khon Kaen, the remaining are displayed in the village’s museum.

Tham Erawan. There is a big Buddha Statue at the cave’s entrance which leads to a huge hall naturally decorated with rock formation. This cave is a scene in local legends “Nong Phom Hom’ Or “the lady with fragrant hair”.

Tham Pha Wiang. The cave is situated among picturesque mountain range called Phu Pha Wiang. Tham Pha Wiang is naturally beautiful with rock formation and stalagmites.

Wat Santitham Banpot or Wat Pa Phu Noi.  Besides offering very nice place for practicing meditation, the temple houses Buddha footprint and eight groups of stone leaves setting in eight directions. Each group comprises four stone leaves, some feature carving in Bhotisattva and pagoda’s crest.

Huay Rai Reservoir. The medium sized reservoir is situated in Ban Srakaeo, Moo 6, Tambon Dongsawan.

Wooden Ubosoth of Wat Chaoreon Songtham.  The wooden chapel or Ubosoth is compact in size and rectangular in shape. The high roof provides good air ventilation. The ubosoth has delicate carving on the roof, and gable with neatly carved garuda.