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Wooden Ubosoth of Wat Chaoreon Songtham.  The wooden chapel or Ubosoth is compact in size and rectangular in shape. The high roof provides good air ventilation. The ubosoth has delicate carving on the roof, and gable with neatly carved garuda.

Tham Suwan Kuha. The cave houses antiques and portrait of King Chai Shettha of Vientiane.

Phu Pha Ya Archeological Site  Situated north of Ban Na Charoen, Tambon Dong Mafai, the site is in limestone mountain which separates itself from Phu Phan Range. Many pre - historical cave painting are found here. The first group of painting, in Tham Lang, line for 5 metres long on smooth cave wall. They comprise pictures of geometric, animals, hands, in red. The second group of painting, found in Tham Bon, comprises pictures of star, man, reptile, draft of big animal. All the pictures wee painted in red and scatter in small groups. These paintings are estimated to be 2,000-3,000 years old, as old as painting found at Phu Phra Bat Historical Park, Udon Thani, and their style are similar to those found in Guangxi Povince of China.A meditation centre of Buddhist monk is located nearby.

How to get there: From Nong Bua Lam Phu City, use highway 210 ( Nong Bua Lam Phu -Wang Saphung ), turn right into highway 2097 to Amphoe Suwannakhuha, then use Suwan nakhuha - Ban Na Charoen Road.

Wat Pa Phufang Santitham. The calm and peaceful temple is built beautifully in modern style. There are delicate monasteries and amazing sculpture of nine-headed is built to protect the pavilion.

Local Products

Ban Kong Sawan Pottery Village. The village is famed for its terra cotta products by traditional method.

Calathea Rice container  The village of Ban Huak, Tambon Sri Boonruang, Amphoe Sri Boonruang is famous for the race container weaved from calathea. Some 95% of the villagers thrive on this handicraft which mirrors their wisdom to benefit from natural material. How to get there: Use highway 228 ( Nongbua Lampu-Sri Boonruang ) , then use Sri Boonruang-Phu Wiang Road ( Ban Huay Huak-Na Fai ). The village is located on kilometres 8, some 35 kilometres from Nongbua Lampu City.

Kud Hae Silk   Silk cloth weaved by Lady Group of Tambon Kud Hae, Amphoe Na Klang is quite famous and won many national awards. Silk products from this group are 5-star product of Isan. The Silk cloth is available in various patterns. The group is led by Mrs Lamduan Nantasutha, for more information, call 0-7219-8231. How to get there: From Nongbua Lampu City, go to Amphoe Na Klang 35 kilometres away, then head to Ban Dan for two kilometres and turn right to Ban Kud Hae, 3 kilometres away.

Nong Bua Lamphu Province, Places to visit, Wooden Ubosth of Wat Chaoreon Songtham, Wat Pa Phufang Santitham