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Festivals held around Nong Bua Lamphu Province.

Naresuan Maharaja and Nongbua Lamphu Red Cross Fair. The fair is held annually between January 25-February 3 at Naresuan Maharaja Field, Amphoe Muang.

Boon Khao Chee Festivals. The festivals are held annually during the 13th-15th date of waxing moon in February at Wat Tham Suwan Kuha, Ban Kuha Pattana, Amphoe Suwan Kuha. The annual celebration and merit making of Amphoe Suwan Kuha features gigantic Khao Chee, local cuisine made from roasted sticky rice dipped in egg and sugar cane juice.

Tham Erawan Festival. The festivals are held between April 12-15 of each year at Hat None Yao, Amphoe None Sang.

Annual Festival of Pu Loop Shrine and Phra Wor Phra Ta Shrine. The rite is held annually on the first Wednesday and Thursday of May at Phra Wor Phra Ta Shrine and Pu Loop Shrine in Amphoe Muang.

Rocket Festivals of Amphoe Sri Boonruang. The lively festival is held annually on the full moon day of May at the field of Amphoe Sri Boonruang. Rocket in huge size, or Bang Fai Lan, will be decorated before launching high into the sky. The local festival of Sri Boonruang is one of 12 festivals of Northeastern Region. The rocket is assumed as the present for Phaya Thaen, the god who will make the rain for rice plantation.

Banana Fair. The fair is held between July 25-27 at Ban Suan Sawan, Tambon Wangthong, Amphoe Na Wang.

Tiew Hoi Hin-Kin Lam Yai Festival. The festival is held every August 8-15 at community outlet of Ban Huay Dua, Amphoe Muang.

Namtok Thao To Festival. The annual festival is held every September 14-15 at Namtok Thao To Park, Amphoe Muang.

Places to stay Amphoe Muang Nong Bua Lamphu

Kinnaree Resort 274 Nongbua Lampu-Udon Thani Road. Tel 0-4236-0091, 19 rooms 500 Baht.

Chokwiwat 290 Moo 5 Ban Wangnamkhao tel. 0-1739-7560, 13 rooms 300 Baht.

Nattaphong Grand 339 Nongbua Lampu-Udon Thani Road Tambon Lampu Tel. 0-4236-1014, 0-9577-1240, 14 rooms 300-400 Baht.

VIP Inn Ban Wang Muen Nongbua Lampu-Sri Boonruang Road. Tel. 0-4236-1122 30 rooms 200-800 Baht.

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