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How to get to Ubon Ratchathani Province

By Air

Thai Airways has several daily flights connecting Bangkok with Ubon Ratchathani. Air Asia operates two flights every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday to Ubon Ratchathani International Airport. The flight time is 1.05 hours.

Getting around the city

Getting around the city is easy with city buses. They usually run along the main avenues, from north to south of the town. The fare is only 5 Baht.

Taking Samlor around the city would cost about 30 Baht / kilometre

If you, however, choose to enjoy the ride of a rented car, there are several car rental companies, big names and local names, which provide this kind of service.

Getting to nearby provinces

By Bus

There are buses departing from a bus terminal located at Chayangkun Road to Ubons neighbouring provinces and its own districts.


As well as being a commercial facility, Ubon Ratchathani Airport is also an active Royal Thai Air Force ( RTAF ) base, the home of 2nd Air Division/21st Wing Air Combat Command. During the Vietnam War, US and Australian squadrons were based here. Depending on economic conditions, 2 or 3 carriers operate 3 to 7 daily flights to Bangkok.

Bus terminal

The town's main bus station is located in the northwest of the city, on the Ring Road (Highway 231), 500m west of its intersection with Thanon Chayangkun ( Highway 212 ) outskirts of the city. Nakhonchai Air operates its own private bus terminal on Thanon Sathitnimankan just north of the Ubon Watsadu warehouse.

Railway terminal

The eastern terminus of the northeastern railway line from Hua Lumphong Railway Station, Bangkok's grand central station, is in Warin Chamrap. The railhead reached Warin in April 1930. The terminal station is called Ubon Ratchathani, but is located in Warin Chamrap municipality.

Within the city

There are no taxis. Tuktuk can be found at the main shopping malls and markets, and operate fixed prices to various destinations such as the airport or railway station. Regular public transport is by songthaew, which operate frequently between 0600 and 1800 hours, on fixed routes for 10 - 15 Baht per trip. Routes are indicated by numbers and the colour of the vehicle. All routes pass through the centre of Ubon and / or Warin cities. Route 8 is a ring route through Ubon city. No Songthaew serve the airport, so airline passengers must use tuk tuk instead.

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