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Lao influence is evident in the architectural structure of some of the city’s religious buildings.

The city has branches of the National Archives of Thailand and National Museum of Thailand

National parks      Ubon Ratchathani boasts the following national parks:

Phu Chong-Na Yoi National Park is in mountainous areas in the province.

Kaeng Tana National Park is in Khong Chiam District.

Pha Taem National Park  covers an area of 140 km². Plateaus and hills dominate the park landscape. The sheer cliffs here are a result of earthquakes. The interesting places in the national park area Pha Taem and Pha Kham. On the cliffs surface are numerous prehistoric cave paintings from 3,000 - 4,000 years ago. These paintings depict scenes of fishing, rice farming, figures of people, animals, hands and geometric designs that show the way of life during the pre-historic time and reflect the ancient lifestyle of the people who lived there.

Places to visit around Ubon Ratchathani Province.

Thung Si Mueang  - is a beautifully landscaped public park in the heart of the city in front of the city hall. It houses an imitation of a carved candle sculpture, health park, and playground.

City Pillar Shrine  - Located at the southern corner of the field, the sacred pillar was built in 1972.

Monument of Phra Pathum Worarat Suriyawong or Chao Kham Phong  - Phra Pathum Worarat Suriyawong is the founder of Ubon Ratchathani during 1778-1795.

Sculpture of Somdet Phra Maha Wirawong or Tisso Uan  - a famous monk who was well versed in Sutra and Vipassana.

Monument of Goodness - The monument was built by WWII POWs to honour the generosity and goodness of the people of Ubon Ratchathani.

Sculpture of Harmony and Progress  - The sculpture represents the harmony of four countries: Thailand, Lao PDR., Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Wat Thung Si Mueang  The Buddha’s footprint is housed in the Ubosot which mirrors art blending between the early Rattanakosin era and that of Vientiane. Another important building in the temple is the Ho Trai - the Hall of Tipitaka scriptures. The wooden hall was built in the pond to protect the Tipitaka from insects.

Ubon Ratchathani Province, History  on the Province. And places to see.

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