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Sirindhorn Dam  - Called Khuean Dom Noi by the locals, the rock fill dam with a clay core was constructed across the Lam Dom Noi, a tributary of the Mun River. The hydroelectric dam is 42 metres high and 940 metres long.

Chong Mek - The permanent Thai-Lao border pass is 90 km from downtown Ubon Ratchathani. The pass is a land bridge to Champasak Province.

Kaeng Tana National Park - The park features plateaux and undulating hills with deciduous dipterocarp forest and grassland. The park has many attractions;

Don Tana  - An island in the middle of the Mun River of only 450 metres wide and 700 metres long.

Kaeng Tana  - The largest rapids of the Mun River. In the middle of the rapids, there is a huge sandstone boulder splitting the river into two streams, and a concrete block built during the French Colonial Era to identify a channel for cruising.

Tham Phra or Tham Phu Ma Nai - A stone inscription and Lingam base or Yoni from the 7th-8th Century were found. Now the original stone inscription is kept in the National Museum, Ubon Ratchathani.

Namtok Rak Sai Nature Trail  - The trail lines the cliff by the Mun River, 500 metres from the park’s headquarters. It runs by the cliff for one km. through various kinds of flora, such as lichen, moss, and fern, Tham Phra and Namtok Rak Sai.

Namtok Tat Ton - The waterfall is situated on Highway 2173, off Highway 217 by 5 km.

Annamese Lion Pulpit at Ban Chi Thuan - The Buddhist pulpit is placed at Wat Sinuan Saeng Sawang Arom. The concrete pulpit itself is quite unique with a lion sculpture carrying the pulpit with decorative stucco, multi-layer wooden roof, and painting in the Annamese style.

Wat Thung Si Wilai  - The temple houses Luangpho Wiset, the principal Buddha image carved from laterite seated beneath the Naga’s hood. The sacred Buddha image from the Dvaravati period is considered a sacred icon for the village. The temple is surrounded by several enclosures of Sima stones that mark the temple’s consecrated boundary.

Wat Tham Kuha Sawan  - The temple was built by Luangpu Khamkhaning Chulamani to be a place for meditation practice where he also resided. Today, Luangpu has died but his body, which is not rotten, is well kept in a glass coffin and considered a sacred item.

Ubon Ratchathani Province, Interesting places to visit around the Province.

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