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Maenam Song Si  - At the mouth of the Mun River, Ban Woen Buek. The Mun River runs into the Mekong, so we can see two rivers, in two different colours – Song Si means two colours - blending together. The Mekong River will be reddish brown while the Mun River is rather blue.

Pha Taem National Park - The park features plateaux, undulating hills, and towering cliffs with strange sandstone formations scattered around. The park is covered mostly by deciduous dipterocarp forest and wild flowers can be found on the rock terrace. Its attractions include:

Sao Chaliang - Carved by wind and water for millions of years, the mushroom-like stone towers are scattered around the area containing shell fossils, sand and gravels in their texture. Geologists assumed that over million years ago this area was once a sea.

Pha Taem and Pha Kham  - The towering cliffs house groups of pre-historical paintings which date back to 4,000 - 3,000 years ago. There are over 300 paintings in five categories including animals, geometrical motifs, rice farmers, hands, and ‘Tum’ or typical fish trap.

Namtok Soi Sawan - Two streams, Huai Soi and Huai Phai, combine and plunge 20 metres down to the pond below, making the waterfall look like a necklace – Soi in Thai.

Namtok Thung Na Mueang - The medium-sized waterfall cascades down a 25 - metre cliff through flowerbeds which are in full bloom between October to December.

Namtok Saeng Chan or Namtok Ru  - The tiny fall is special as the stream falls through a hole – Ru – down to the pond below. At noon, sunshine through the hole makes the waterfall look like a ray of moonshine – Saeng Chan.

Dong Na Tham Forest  - From September to November is the best time to enjoy the nature around while flowers are in full bloom, as well as waterfalls and fogs over the Mekong River. From January to March is the best time to see the forest change its hue, with trees shedding their leaves, and to cruise in the Mekong from Ban Pak La to Khan Tha Kwian.

Wat Phu Anon  - The temple has interesting attractions including a rock terrace with large footprints, nature-made stone jar, and cave painting.

Ubon Ratchathani Province, Interesting places to visit around the Province.

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