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Phu Lon - The mountain is in Tambon Song Yang, 20 km north of Amphoe Si Mueang Mai. It has a cave where the late famous monk Phra Achan Man Phurithatto practiced his Vipassana.

Namtok Huai Sai Yai or Kaeng I Khiao  - The waterfall is in the Buntharik - Khao Yot Mon Wildlife Sanctuary. The waterfall runs over the rock terrace among a shady environment.

Phu Chong - Na Yoi National Park - The park covers a total area of 686 km 2. Its boundary connects to Lao PDR and Cambodia in the area called the Emerald Triangle. Its attractions include.

Namtok Huai Luang or Namtok Bak Teo - Plunging down three steps from an elevation of 30 metres, the waterfall has a small pool with a white beach and turquoise coloured water.

Phlan Yao Rock Garden  - Rocks in different formations are scattered around the area.

Pha Phueng Viewpoint  - The viewpoint is just next to the rock garden.

Namtok Koeng Mae Phong  - The waterfall is 9 km south of Namtok Huai Luang along the nature trail. It originates from the Lam Dom Noi Stream.

Kaeng Sila Thip  - Huai Luang Stream runs over a rock terrace and turns fierce in the rapids. In the middle of the stream, stream power has created many holes on the rock surface in different sizes and depths called Kumphalak.

Phlan Kong Kwian  - The vast rock terrace with rock shelters at the front is home to wild flowers and plants. In previous days, travellers could seek shelter from this place. Thus, it is called Phlan Kong Kwian which literally means cart terrace.

Phu Hin Dang  - The cliff - top viewpoint to witness the forest scenery of Lao PDR. and Cambodia. Its cliff is especially painted with natural bright hues. Geologists explain that dry weather millions of years ago catalysed the mineral residues in the seawater and resulted this way.

Namtok Kaeng Lamduan - The fall is situated in the compound of the Ubon Ratchathani Wildlife Reservation Promotion and Development Station. The waterfall runs over a rock terrace and through the shady forest of Lamduan trees.

Ubon Ratchathani Province, Interesting places to visit around the Province.

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