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Economic Features

The data of economic developing affairs and national social welfare for the year of 2004, declares that Lampang province has an annual G.P.P. of 38,469.30 million Baht. The average income of the population is 48,726 Baht per annum. It stands as the third place after Lampoon and Chiang Mai in the Northern Thailand and is the thirty third place in the country.

The five main area of productions are:

- Minerals and mines ( 7,908.755 million Baht ) 21.55%

- Wholesale and retail industries ( 7,115.30 Million Baht ) 16.11%

- Construction industries ( 5,736.70 Million Baht) 12.82%

- Service industries ( 4,189.89 Million Baht) 11.42%

- Agriculture industries (3,475.00 Million Baht) 9.65%

However, at the present, most of the inhabitants or about 70% in the rural are poor. The data in the year of 2004 showed the average annual income of the population is 12,938 Baht per head per annum.


In the year 2004, Lampang Province had 512 educational institutions with 6,951 teachers. There are 460 administrators and teachers and 123,181 students. The ratio of teachers to students is 1.18.

   The ratio of teacher to student compared to the ADB standard ( as agreed by parliament on January 27, 2004 ) to quote a 1:25 students in each level. In reality, the kindergarten to lower secondary schools the ratio is better, whereas in high schools the ratio is exceeded.

Public Health Department

In September 30, 2004, Lampang province had 17 district hospitals; 1,581 beds providing modern medical services. There were 14 Ministry of Public Health hospitals with 1,400 beds; and one Military Hospital; 150 beds. There are also two private hospitals with 147 beds; average one bed per 511 heads of population. There were 102 doctors, 31 dentists, and 57 pharmacists. The ratio of doctors to population is 1:6081. The ratio between vocational nurses to population is 1:966. The technical nurses 1:1675.

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