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Kiu Lom Dam, take the Lampang-Ngao road and turn left at Kms. 623-624 marker, which is about

38 kilometres from town. Then continue for a further 14 kilometres. Constructed for irrigation purpose,

it has a scenic reservoir suitable for boating or rafting. At least a half - day tour is suggested. Visitors

may opt for staying overnight on raft. Places to see include cliffs, isles and fishing village.

Wat Chai Mongkhon - notable is the Kuti ( monk's living quarters ) which is a white cement

building with Burmese-style wooden roof. Inside is housed a bronze Buddha statue of fine workmanship cast in Mandalay, Myanmar.

Wat Chedi Sao Lang  About five kilometres from town on the Lampang-Chae Hom road  - cool and shaded by large trees, the temple has 20 Chedi’s in its compound, each made in the combined Lanna-Burmese style. A Chiang Saen-style bronze Buddha statue is also enshrined here, commonly called Phra Chao Than Chai by the local people.

Wat Phra That  Lies some 20 kilometres south of Lampang and is one of the North's finest temples. The chedi towers above surrounding trees. To the left of the Chedi is a viharn with a carved wood facade and double-level roofs. Harmonious proportions and exquisite interior decoration make Wat Phrathat Lampang Luang one of the best examples of Northern-style religious architecture.

The mural paintings in the assembly hall, called the Nam Tam Vihara, of the

Wat Phrathat Lampangluang are believed to date back 400 to 500 years. A

Vihara is an edifice that houses a temple's main Buddha image. The

Vihara of the Lanna period featured a unique architecture; only the top half

had walls, the inside of which is covered with mural paintings, and the Nam

Tam Vihara is no exception. Its architectural style had been popular since the

time of King Tikaloklasha of the Lanna Empire.

Although most of the mural paintings are blurred, some leaving only the red background and traces of the figures, the painting are worth studying for the method using only natural material, for example soot for black and red from lac insects.

Worth attention is the mural depicting the Nang Samavatti story, a folk tale adapted from Buddhist scriptures. It features a noble man, a god-king wearing a loin cloth would high and funnel shaped like the ornament on his head, and a woman wearing gold leaves and large holes on her ear - lobes typical of Lanna women. The paintings depict the style of Lanna dressing in the mid - 1400's.

Lampang Province, Interesting places to visit, Kiu Lom Dam, Wat Phra That.

Lampang Province, Page 7,Interesting places to visit, Kiu Lom Dam, Wat Phra That.
Lampang Province, Page 7,Interesting places to visit, Kiu Lom Dam, Wat Phra That.
Lampang Province, Page 6,Places to visit, Wat Phra That Sadet, Wat Phra That Mon Phaya Chae. Lampang Province, Page 8, Places to visit around the Province, Doi Khuntan National Park