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Wat Sichum  - This monastery is situated on Lampang - Ngao Highway just passing the main

entrance of Lampang Teacher's Training College and branching off at km. 601 on the left to this

monastery. Its architecture is of Myanma arts having very sophisticated and beautiful wood

carvings on the structure of the Vihara while gold gilded works are found on the walls, ceiling

and big pillars in the Vihara, regarded as another exquisite graceful beauty of Myanma arts.

It is regrettable that the vihara's upper part which was made of wood was mostly damaged by

fire. Only the carved - wood arch at the entrance has been left.


Luang Wiang Lakhon Fair is held just before the annual Loi Krathong event around Wat Phra Kaeo Don Tao and Wat Phra That Lampang Luang, featuring Lampang's own historical backgrounds and long-established customs and traditions. A Khrua Than procession is organized with local people dressed in native attires carrying various traditional household appliances, some of which are of ancient vintage.

Khantok Chang Fair  is organised on the first Friday-Saturday period of February each year at the Thai Elephant conservation Centre. There is an elephant show and the pachyderms are feasted with their popular fruits and vegetables which are placed on the Tok, a traditional food tray of the Lanna people.

Lampang Trains and Horse Carriages Day  is organized at the Nakhon Lampang Railway Station at the beginning of April to commemorate the first royal train that arrived to the station 1st April, 1916. In the event, there will be an exhibition and Kat Mua market, where the participants will dress up in the traditional style of costume of some 80 years ago, when the horse carriage was first used in Lampang. The carriage service is also provided in the event.

Salung Luang Procession and Songkran Festival  is the unique Songkran festival of Lampang, organized during 12-14 April every year. On the 12 April, the Salung Luang procession will be beautifully decorated

( Salung means a water bowl and Luang means large). The participants in the parade will dress up in the ancient Lanna style and carry a giant silver bowl around the city to receive lustral water soaked with turmeric and acacia from the people to be poured onto the Phra Kaeo Don Tao, the revered Buddha image of the town enshrined at Wat Phrathat Lampang Luang. Then, during 13 /14 April every year, there will be a merit making ceremony at the temple, sand pagoda making, ceremony of pouring water onto the elderly, splashing of water, fairs and various forms of entertainment.

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Lampang Province, Wat Sichum, and Festivals around the Province.

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