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Municipal ( Thesaban ) areas in the province is the town ( Thesaban Mueang ) Lamphun and 12 townships ( Thesaban Tambon  ). The non - municipal area is administrated by 45 Tambon Administration Organizations (TAO) and two Tambon Councils.

For the national elections the province is sub divided into three constituencies. Constituency 1 covers the Mueang District except Tambon Makhuea Chae, constituency 2 the districts Pa Sang, Mae Tha, and Tambon Makhuea Chae of Mueang district, and constituency 3 the districts Ban Hong, Thung Hua Chang and Li.

Administrative Zones consist of seven Districts, one Sub-District, 51 Tambons, 551 Villages, one Provincial Administration Organization, one Municipality, 12 Tambon Municipalities, 45 Tambon Administration Organizations and two Tambon Councils.

Administrative Units consist of the following:

1.  Central Administrative Units comprising 26 units plus 13 government enterprises.

2.  Regional Administrative Units comprising 34 units.

3. Local Administrative units comprising one Provincial Administration Organization, one Lamphun Metropolitan Administration, 12 Tambon Municipalities and 45 Tambon Administration Organizations.

Politics: By the Constitution B.E. 2540, the general election shall be conducted by the Election Committee whereby Lamphun’s election constituency have been applied, changing from one constituency to three constituencies, with one Member of Parliament each. The election is supervised by five members of the Provincial Election Committee whose office is located at the Salaprachakhom ( Social Hall ) of Lamphun.

Constituency 1 – Mueang Lamphun District ( except Tambon Makhuea Chae ).

Constituency 2 – Pa Sang District, Mueang District ( Tambon Makhuea Chae only ), Mae Tha District.

Constituency 3 – Ban Hong, Thung Hua Chang and Li Districts.


Lamphun is a farming area of 642,889 rai or 22.70% of the total area in the province and 224,971 farmers or 55.37% of its total population.  Industry -  Lamphun has 833 factories and 33,242 million Baht capital investment and 51,863 employees. There are 765 factories with 6,375 million Baht (investment), 14,923 employees outside the Northern Industrial Estate. There are also nine factories with a 1,121 million Baht investment located in the Private Industrial Park of the Sahapattana Inter Holding Limited Company, with 2,397 employees. In the Northern Industrial Estate, there are 69 factories of 26,867 million Baht investment and 36,940 employees bringing in an export value of 40, 105 million Baht (2000).

To sum up, Lamphun has many factories in several of its districts: the Mueang Lamphun District has the highest number of factories, followed by Pa Sang and Mae Tha Districts. There are three districts bordering on one another and are rich in raw materials, labour, transportation favouring investment. Most of the industries need local materials and natural resources particularly agricultural materials.

Lamphun Province, Administration and Zones. Agriculture & Industry.