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Transportation and Communication

Land Transportation Lamphun has convenient access to several provinces

By Automobile

1. To Chiang Mai via National Highway No. 11, 33 km. ( Lampang - Chiang Mai Super Highway ) and Highway 106, 26 km.

2. To Lampang via National Highway No. 11, 70 km., and further to Payao and Chiang Rai by Highway 1.

3. To Chiang Rai via Chiang Mai by Highway 1019, 210 km.

4. To Phrae and Nan via National Highway No. 11 through Lampang and further to Denchai District and turn  onto Highway 101 to Phrae and Nan respectively.

Communication between Lamphun and other Districts

By Automobile

1. From Mueang Lamphun District along Highway 106 southward about 11 km. to Pa Sang and 29 km. farther  to Ban Hong and 65 km. farther to Li which has access to Thoen District of Lampang within   45 km. farther.

2. From Mueang Lamphun District along Highway 106 southward past Pa Sang. About 19 km. from Pa Sang there is a turn into Highway 1184 ( Mae Ao – Thung Hua Chang ) which goes 75 km. further to reach

Thung Hua Chang District.

3. From Mueang Lamphun District along Highway 11, southward for about 25 km. is Mae Tha District. Farther  north from there by Highway 1147 is Ban Thi District, 26 km. farther.

4. From Mueang Lamphun District on Highway 106 southward to Pa Sang at San Hang Suea Intersection

entering Highway 1031 about 45 km. farther is Wiang Nong Long District.

By Rail:

There are several trains going through Lamphun. These are six freight trains and 16 passenger trains. Most of them stop at Lamphun Railway Station for passengers. The total length of 68 km. rails passes six stations of Lamphun, namely Pa Sao, Lamphun, Nong Lom, Sala Mae Tha, Tha Chomphu and Khun Tan. Lamphun is about 729 km. from Bangkok by rail.

By Airplane:

The Bangkok – Chiang Mai plane takes about 45 minutes, and from Chiang Mai Airport to Lamphun by car takes about 30 minutes.

Lamphun Province, How to get there, and neighbouring Provinces.