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Hariphunchai National Museum is in Lamphun Town near Wat Hariphunchai. Intayongyod Road Muang District Lamphun Province and is open Wednesday to Sunday excepting New Year Festival and Songkran Festival from 9 am until 4 pm daily.

As Lamphun is the ancient capital of the Mon Haripunchai Kingdom and then a significant Lan Na  town of the Tai Yuan Lan Na Kingdom this is reflected in the subject matter of the exhibits.

The Hariphunchai Museum Exhibits -  The exhibits are divided between those from the

Haripunchai period and those  of the subsequent Lan Na Kingdom.The ancient relics and

artefacts displayed have been found locally.  First there is on  the  ground floor the Stone

Inscription Hall in which are displayed 26 stone inscriptions, eight from the Mon period in

Mon script and 18 in Tai Lan Na [ Khon Yuan ] script. On the first floor is the main exhibition

Hall exhibiting artefacts which the Museum has classified into two groups,

Haripunchai Art and Lan Na art

The Haripunchai Art Exhibits

These the museum classifies as those before 17 C B E and those between B E 1600 and B E. The first and earlier period group exhibit styles of art including Indian Pala style and the Northeastern Dvaravati styles 1836. The later period evidence style characteristics such as thicker eye brows, upward ends of the eyes and looking down expressions. The pottery on display were containers for storing the ashes of the deceased or urns for holding water.

The Lan Na Art Exhibits

The Lan Na period artefacts are from the period 16 to 25 C BE and the Haripunchai

Museum divides them into four sub groups which are,

[1] Artefacts which show what it calls the search for self identity, leading to the emergence

of Khmer influences, Haripunchai influences in style and Indian Pala influences.

[2] The second group illustrates the full maturity and style of Lan Na art where artists with confidence incorporated styles from Sukhothai art and Ayutthaya art and blend them into the Lan Na style.

[3] The third group illustrates the works from Phayao and its absorbed styles from Lang Xang [ Laos ].  Here are sculptures and porcelains from Kilns at Khalong, Tungtaohai, Pan and Sankhampaheang.

[4] The fourth group of exhibits are those local works made during the Rattanakosin art period. Here the artefacts are mainly gold or silver objects, animals, flowers, etc. Phra Nang Chamthewi Statue  is located in the Nong Dok public park in town commemorating the first ruler of Hariphunchai.

Lamphun Province, Page 5, Hariphunchai National Museum and the Lan Na Arts Exhibits.
Lamphun Province, Page 5, Hariphunchai National Museum and the Lan Na Arts Exhibits.