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Local Products from Lamphun Province.

The Pha Mai Yok Dok  is an elaborately woven material in traditional method. Originally used in the northern royal court, it became popular during the reign of King Rama VI. The distinctive craftsmanship and skills in producing this type of silk have endeared it to those who prefer the traditional designs.

A hand - made cotton fabric - It is moderately priced and of designs and colours which have been improved yet retaining the indigenous feel and tradition. It is generally made into table-cloth, plate rests, drapes and other household uses.

Wood-carving products are made from soft - wood into animal figurines, dolls, utensils and decorative items. The natural textures of the wood are clearly visible which add beauty to the products.

Festivals around Lamphun Province.

The most recent one is the local Wine and Sausage Tasting Festival a result of making wine from longans which goes well with the local spicy sausages. Sipping the unique local longan wine of U – Mong Village while enjoying the beauty of the Ping Hang Riverbank can be another memorable experience. The festival is held on 17 – 19 January from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. at the Cultural Centre, Tambon U – Mong, Lamphun Province. Other attractions are local performances and games, a flower float procession, a musical and drum - beating band, booths of wine tasting and sausage sampling, an evening market, a crouching market, folk music, a cock judging contest and good quality wine making demonstration from Chiang Mai University.

The Hand woven Cotton Fabric Festival. Lamphun is famous for its cotton weaving and unique design handed down from the royal court. The festival theme is Roaming the roofed bridge, wearing woven clothing and viewing Lamphun’s priceless artifacts. The festival is held on January 30 – February 3 around the bridge opposite Wat Phra That Haripunchai. There is a performance of  - Paying homage to the Haripunchai Temple, a fashion show of clothes made with a raised flower pattern by Pensiri Thai Silk and an exhibition of traditional woven fabric of various patterns at Wat Tonkaeo Museum and a demonstration of Lamphun’s art of weaving as well as a cotton weaving beauty contest along with a hand-made fabric sale.

The Lanna Drum Festival is another recommended occasion during the pilgrimage season to worship the Lord Buddha’s footprint at Wat Phrabat Takpha in Pa Sang District. The festival was first established in 2001. It consists of the northern Fon Lep (fingernail dance), a procession of a giant silver bowl, drums and drum beating for entering battle, joining a royal procession or for entertainment. The procession starts from the temple entrance to the chapel to take the holy water to wash the Lord Buddha’s footprint. A drum beating contest and other forms of entertainment are arranged.