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Administrative divisions of Mae Hong Son Province.

The province is sub divided in seven districts ( Amphoe ). These are further sub divided into 45 sub districts

( Tambon )  and 402 villages ( Muban ).

1). Mae Hong Son  2).  Khun Yuam   3). Pai   4). Mae Sariang   5).Mae La Noi   6). Sop Moei 7).Pangmapha

In the past, trade and commerce with Burma meant that local art and culture were influenced by Burmese styles, which can be seen, for example, in the religious art and architecture that represents a mixture of Shan and Burmese styles. This is most clearly demonstrated in Buddha statues and temple roofs, which are designed in layers and decorated with engraved galvanized iron.

The Shan people, who represent the largest ethnic group in Maehongson, wear distinctive traditional clothing. The men wear wide legged trousers, similar in style to the Northern Thai, and long sleeved shirts with round collars, fastened with fabric buttons down the middle. The women traditionally wear sarongs and beautifully embroidered blouses, either short or long sleeved that are fastened across the chest from left to right. Both Shan men and women use woven shoulder bags and hats that are called gub tai. They speak their own Shan language, often called Thai Yai. Apart from the Shan people, there are several other ethnic groups living in Maehongson that all have their own distinctive styles of art and traditions, and this is one special reason to come and visit the area.

Mae hong son province has banks and exchange offices.

The list of Bank's office and district branches.

Bangkok Bank : Maehongson , Masa riang district.

Thai Farmers Bank : Maehongson, Mae Sariang district.

Krung Thai Bank : Maehongson, Maehongson airport ( Exchange office ), Pai district , Khun Yuam district, Mae Sariang district.

Thai Military Bank : Maehongson, Mae Sariang district.

Bank of Ayuthaya : Maehongson.

Thai Savings Bank : Maehongson, Mae Sariang district.


Maehongson province : Borders on the Shan State, Burma to the north

Borders on Thasongyang district of Tak province to the south

Borders on Mae Jem district of Chiang Mai province to the east

Borders on Hod district of Chiang Mai province to the west

The province has borders with the Shan State, the Kayah State and the Kotulay States in Burma.

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The monument of Phraya Singhanat Raja