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Maehongson is divided into seven administrative districts:

1. Maehongson municipality, composed of seven Tambons (sub-districts) and 66 villages (1 Tambon within the municipality)

2. Mae Sariang district, composed of six Tambons and 70 villages.

3. Khun Yuam district, composed of six Tambons and 42 villages.

4. Mae La Noi district, composed of eight Tambons and 69 villages.

5. Pai district, composed of seven Tambons and 61 villages.

6. Sop Moei district, composed of six Tambons and 50 villages.

7. Bangmapha district, composed of four Tambons and 36 villages.


Maehongson is the most mountainous province in Thailand.

It is composed of a total of 13 814.4 square kilometres,

11 981 square kilometres of which are jungle and mountainside,

which accounts for 90% of the total area.

The province is situated in the north of the country and, being

mountainous and thickly forested, the seasons are markedly different.

Mist covers the mountaintops throughout the year, from the frost in the winter months,

from the burning of the forests that occur during the dry season and from the clouds in the rainy season.

Maehongson is often called the City of Three Mists.

Natural resources

There are four main rivers:

1. Pai River

2. Yuam River

3. Mae Lamad River

4. Salween ( or Nam Kong ) River

The forests of the province includes many kinds of trees and plants, such as teak, Burmese ebony, hardwoods and many others.

Transportation and Communications

The Telecommunications Authority of Thailand offers an international telephone service, and there are several public telephone booths in the city where cards can be used for overseas calls. Throughout the province there are public telephones for national calls. In some districts mobile phones cannot be used. The two methods of transportation include air and road, and goods can be delivered by truck on highway 108

( Chiang Mai - Mae Sariang - Maehongson ) or Highway 1029 ( Chiang Mai - Pai - Maehongson ).

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