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Population and Administration

On December 2006, there was a total of 256,729 citizens. The five ethnic groups of hill tribe people, including Karen, Hmong, Lawa, Lahu and Lesu, account for around 50% of the total population.

Maehongson Muang District : 25,898 males, 23,404 females, totalling 49,302 citizens

Pai district: 14,452 males, 13,086 females, totalling 27,538 citizens.

Pangmapha district: 10,889 males, 9,569 females, totalling 20,458 citizens

Khun Yuam district: 9,408 males, 8,561 females, totalling 17,969 citizens

Mae La Noi: 15,692 males, 15,065 females, totalling 30,757 citizens

Mae Sariang: 24,894 males, 24,039 females, totalling 48,933 citizens

Sop Moei: 21,584 males, 20,956 females, totalling 42,540 citizens

Proportion of population to land

Proportion of population to land mass outside the municipality: 17 people per square kilometre

Proportion of population to land mass within the municipality: 1 234 people per square kilometre

Birth rate: 1.57 %

Death rate: 0.38%

Population increase: 1.19%

The population of Maehongson is composed of various ethnic groups. Most of the people living in Maehongson municipality, and Pai, Pangmapha, Khuan Yuam and Mae Sariang districts are of Shan ancestry, and called themselves Shan or Dai. In the past they migrated from the Shan State in northeastern Burma. Apart from these Shan people, there are many migrant workers at present crossing from the Shan State into Maehongson province to look for work. The hill tribe people come from various ethnic groups, the Karen being the largest. The Karen people have lived in this area for more than 100 years, and can be separated into two groups: Pwo Karen, who can be found in Mae Sariang and Sop Moei districts, and Skaw Karen who can be found in every district. The Lahu include two groups: Black Lahu and Red lahu.

The Lesu can be found around Pai and Bangmapha.

Mae Hong Son Province, Population and Administration. ( Facts and Figures )

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