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Phu Klon Country Club uses natural black mud which has skin care and therapeutic benefits. The area has now been developed into a spa resort. A variety of clay found in mineral water that exists in only two other locations on earth. The clay nourishes skin and removes dirt and dead skin cells. The country club is ringed by low hills and mountains, and guests to its beautiful natural environment can enjoy an herbal steam bath and Jacuzzi at 40 degrees Celsius, or a facial treatment and clay wrap for skin renewal

Rafting along the Pai River is a popular recreation. There is a lot of rafting pass rapids

and natural scenery including waterfalls.

Mountain Biking is a suitable mode of travel for those wanting to experience the forest

and some of the tracks are very narrow.

Treks are popular with visitors who wish to enjoy the nature and view the variety of hill

- tribes.The trek is often combined with jungle walks with elephant riding and river rafting.

Elephant Trekking is known all over Thailand for its sturdy and strong elephants and many tourists take the opportunity in Mae Hong Son to ride an elephant. Spa Mae Hong Son is not well known for its spas, but spa service is given at a few of the top places to stay in the provincial town and Pai district.

Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu The temple ( Wat ) is situated in the west of the city, on hillside.  Previously called Wat Plai Doi, it is regarded as the city institution.  It is prominent with two pagodas.  The big one was built by Chong Tong Su 1860 and the other one by Phraya Singhanat Raja in 1874.

It features two Burmese-style Chedi, or pagodas. The larger pagoda

was built in 1860, and contains the ashes of Phra Moggalana, one

disciple of the Buddha. Theses ashes were carried all the way from

Burma by two of his disciples. The smaller pagoda was constructed

in 1874 by the first governor of Mae Hong Son, Phaya Singhanat

Racha, and contains his ashes.

There are two paths from the town to reach the temple. One road starts from the Wat PhraNon, and is a series of stairs that will take you up to half the height of the hill, and then you can join the other path, starting at Wat Muo Taw. This second path is a little easier to climb, since it consists of a zig - zag of ramps with short flights of stairs at the switch - backs. Rest stops are available at each turn, or you can rent a car to reach the top if you are unable to climb the stairs. There is a steep road that goes farther upward from the temple, reaching the hill top, containing the Ubosot, offering a spectacular view of the countryside stretching across for miles. Next to the Ubosot stand there is a statue of the standing Buddha, in front of which is a boat rowed by two monks, and a Buddhist wheel, carried by ordinary people. There is a large, sprawling courtyard called the Viharn, containing the main altar, just behind the two main pagodas, or stupa's.

Mae Hong Son Province, Page 11, Phu Klon Country Club and Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu.
Mae Hong Son Province, Page 11, Phu Klon Country Club and Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu.
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