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Wat Chong Kham - Wat Chong Klang  The temples, built in 1827 in Shan arts, are located  around  Nong Chong Kham Public Park.  In the image hall, Luang Pho To is enshrined as the main Buddha image.

Opposite to the temples, a bar beer is recommended for beer lovers especially during the winter's

evening  the temples will be decorated with colourful lights reflecting on Nong Chong Kham. Such

relaxing feel is hardly found at any places  Wat Chong Kham This is an old temple on the bank

of the swamp Nong Chong Kham. It was built in 1827 by Thai Yai style artisans. The pillars are

gilded in golden flakes. The temple houses a large Buddha statue with a lap width of 4.85 metres cast by Burmese craftsmen. Another statue is a replica of that Buddha image in Wat Suthat in Bangkok.

Wat Chong Klang Wat Chong Klang , Next to Wat Chong Kham, is a temple where a replica of the Phra Phuttha Sihing is installed on an alter. there are several interesting items such as wooden figurines of human and animals depicted in the Phra Vejsandon Jakata ( pronounced Chadok which means one of odd stories of former incarnations of the Buddha ) created by Burmese craftsmen and brought over in 1857, painting on glass about the Jakata and on Prince Siddhartha, as well as on the ways of life of the time. The captions are in Burmese. There are also notations that the painting were by Thai Yai artisans from Mandalay.

Ban Nam Phiang Din ( Long - necked Karen's village ) The village is on Pha Bong sub - district is the only village of this kind to be reached by cruising for about a hour along the Pai River, both sides of which are made up of fine scenery.It is the village by Thailand - Myanmar border.  Here you will find long-necked and long-eared girls.  Handicrafts made by them are available. Price is not so expensive, so did I buy one.

If you want to visit here one hotel recommended: Mae Hong Son Riverside. The hotel is located by the same river.  Downstairs of the hotel is the pier, you may hire a long-tail boat to the village. Ban Nam Piang Din is located in the Thai-Burmese border and it is considered to be the oldest Palong ( Long-neck Karen ) village in Thailand since the tribal people moved to the country many decades ago. In the Long-neck Karen’s Village, visitors are able to experience unique lifestyle as

well as talk to and take pictures with Long - neck Karen's. Moreover, visitors are able to buy souvenirs such as necklaces, clothes, and bags from the tribal people. The only way to reach Nam Pieng Din Long - neck Karen’s Village is to take a boat ride in which visitors can also enjoy scenic Pai River along the way. Guests of Ban View Nam Camping & Resort

are able to take on and take off from our private pier inside the resort.

Mae Hong Son Province, Places to see, Wat Chong Kham and Ban Nam Phiang Village

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