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Khun Yuam District  How to get there: from the city of Mae Hong Son, go along the high way the Highway no. 108 (Mae Hong Son – Khun Yuam) about one kilometres before reaching Khun Yuam, turn left into the Highway no. 1263 and further for another 26 kilometres on the asphalt road to the wild sunflower field.

The marvel of this wild sunflower field has made know Khun Yuam District, once unknown because of its remoteness, what a town on the hill to reach by driving round a thousand curves. It was said that if any government officers were transferred to post in Khun Yuam being imprisoned on the hill, as it takes over a day for their relatives to visit them.

Apart from the wild sunflower field, in the evening Doi Mae U-Kor also offers a spectacular view of the sunset with splendid shadowy views of the mountains; while in the morning from the camping area on the mountaintop a magnificent sunrise can be viewed.

Local products

Being in a cool valley, Mae Hong Son is suitable for tea - growing. The main area of tea plantations are at Ban Rak Thai, a village near the border between Thailand and Burma.

The traditional headgear called Kup, worn by the Thai Yai is wide-brimmed with taper top. Together with bamboo blinds and Karen woven fabrics, they are quite popular items to buy among visitors. Centres sell a variety of hand-made products from woven fabric to wicker ware.


In regards to nightlife, Mae Hong Son has very little besides the odd karaoke joint and open air restaurants selling alcohol and playing music. Pai District on the other hand is a mini Spanish Costa del- Sol with a countless number of bars and live music venues – they can get very rowdy though.

Festivals & Religion

As most of the people in Maehongson were ( and many still are ) farmers, the traditional ceremonies that take place throughout the year reflects the rhythms of rice cultivation.

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