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There are buses to and from Trang to Bangkok and main province ( Phuket, Hat Yai, Nakornsrithammarat and Satun in the south )

Boats to islands

Trang has four main piers for boats to the islands, they are Pak Meng Pier, Ban Chao Mai Pier, Klong Son Pier and Kuan Thung Kuu Pier.

Public buses leave from the well-organised Trang bus terminal ( Th Huay Yot ). Air-con buses from Trang to Bangkok cost 449 B to 578 B ( 12 hours, morning and afternoon ). More comfortable are the VIP 24-seater buses at 5 pm and 5.30pm (895 B). From Bangkok, VIP/air-con buses leave between 6.30pm and 7 pm. Buses to Satun and La-Ngu depart from the Southern bus terminal ( Th Ratsada ).

Other services:


Only two trains go all the way from Bangkok to Trang: the express 83, which leaves from Bangkok’s Hua Lumphong station at 5.05 pm and arrives in Trang at 7.35 am the next day; and the rapid 167, which leaves from Hua Lumphong station at 6.20 pm, arriving in Trang at 10.11 am. From Trang, trains leave at 1.45 pm and 5.30 pm. Fares are 1280 B/731 B for a 1st-/2nd-class air-con sleeper and 521 B for a 2nd-class (fan) sleeper.


THAI operates daily flights from Bangkok to Trang ( around 3500 B ), but there have been some problems with landing at this airport in rain. The THAI office ( 0 7521 9923; 199/2 Th Visetkul ) is open weekdays only. The airport is four km south of Trang; air-con minivans meet flights and charge 80 B to town. In the reverse direction a taxi or tuk-tuk will cost 100 B to 150 B.


Local Food

In general, Southern Thai food is renowned for its spiciness. Much of the cuisine has its origins in Malay, Indonesian and Indian food. Favourite dishes from the south include Indian - style Muslim curry ( massaman ), rice noodles in fish curry sauce ( Khanom Jeen ),rice and vegetable ( Natural medicine ) mix with Voodo sauce ( KhaoYam ),pork fried with Dasheen and red toufu sauce ( GoYuk ) and chicken birayani. Trang also has a unique breakfast cuisine found nowhere else in Thailand.

Trang is well known for its many local foods such as Mhu Yang Trang ( Trang-style roasted pork ), Trang cake, Trang breakfast ( Dimsum ).

Local coffee shops ( Ran Gafae ) in Trang have their own special menu with Go pii ( black coffee served with sugar) on it. The other is the local breakfast ( Timsum ), Ja Kuai ( deep fried bread). Go pii and Pa Tong Ko

( local sweet donut ) make the essence of the traditional Trang breakfast.