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Local Products

Trang has a few local products which are popular as souvenirs, they are Suea Toei or Suea Panan (mats woven from screw pine), Muk ( container for small things ), ray leather products; namely, bags and shoes, basketry made of cattail stems, carved - wood products from Thep Tharo wood, para rubber toys, and ‘Na Muen Si’ local woven cloth. Products of local food includes Trang roast pork, Trang’s cake, ‘Khao Chong coffee, ‘Kapi’ or shrimp paste, etc.


Types of nightlife available in Trang include:

Discos in town are popular with the younger trendier crowd.

Live Music Joints play Thai Folk or classics.

Karaoke clubs can be found all around and customers can either sing to everyone or rent a private room.

Barbecues are large restaurants which play music and serve alcohol to the wee hours (unlike the other venues).

There are some bars on Pak Meng Beach.

Thai Pubs are not like Western ones, they are usually huge. Visitors enjoy live music.

Eating out in Trang

Trang is noted as a town rich of food. The cuisine in Trang is deliciously different from other parts of Thailand, a blending of Thai, Malay, Chinese, and Indian influences. Good foods is, naturally, a major highlight, to be enjoyed in hotels, restaurants, and open-air cafes around the town. It's a shame we still see a lot of tourists eating Hot Dog in front of 7-eleven in Trang. This new section is to help you get what you deserve in the town of appetising food. Do not miss Trang style breakfast in any Ko Pii ( Coffee ) Shops. Also try local and Chinese dishes in several restaurants in town.

Ko Pii Shop

Try the typical Trang Dim Sum - many very small delicious dishes, you pay only what you did eat. Both the top shops for coffee and the less popular ones, lie on every road, and also a combination of noodles and many rice dishes. The most popular aspect is that a drink of Ko Pii is always accompanied by many delicious Dim Sum filling the table- all of which are carefully prepared from traditional recipe which are completely different from others. The time for Dim Sum is early in the morning, late afternoon and midnight.

One of the famous Ko Pii shop is Ton Noon Dim Sum at 202 Pad Sathani Rd and 122 Pattalung Rd.

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