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City Pillar Shrine This shrine houses the City Pillar made of Chaiyapruk wood. It is 50 centimetres tall, bottom circumference is 43 inches, top circumference is 36 inches with the four-faced Bhrama and a flame on top.

Sanam Chang Phueak Park  It was used as the ground to give the King a white elephant ( chang phueak ) named - Phra Sawet Sura Khachathan. The Park has a pavilion in the middle of a large pond and various sculpture of animals.

Suan Khwan Mueang Its vast area of 207 rai has a separate sports ground and a 69 rai pond, landscaped with sandy beach and sea pines to remedy the landlocked problem of the province

Wat Khuhaphimuk or Wat Na Tham  is one of the three most revered places of the south. A figure of a giant, made in B.E. 2484 and named by the villagers as Chao Khao, protects the entrance of the cave that houses the reclining Buddha. Inside the cave is a large chamber that has been converted into a religious area.

Tham Mae Nang Montho  Inside the cave are large connecting chambers that are mostly dark. A torch is highly recommended. The highlight of this place is at the end of the cave with a large stalagmite resembling the shape of a meditating lady, hence the name of the cave.

Tham Sin  This is a very small and dark cave with ancient mural of different postures of the Lord Buddha and a painting of three women standing together on the cave wall that has deteriorated with time. A torch or a lamp is highly recommended to view the mural and the cave itself.

Bang Lang Dam  This Dam is the first multi-purpose dam in the South, on Pattani River. It is 85 metres high with a crest of 422 metres long, and the reservoir capacity of 1,420 million cubic metres.

Tham Krachaeng  is a cave located at Ban Ka Sot, Tambon Bannang Sata, about 50 kilometres from

Namtok Sukthalai  Also known as Namtok Kue Long, this waterfall is in the compound of the Southern Self-Development Community, on Khao Pok Yo which has a transmission station. The waterfall is on the Yala-Betong road, about 40 kilometres from Amphoe Muang, then turn left for another eight kilometres. It was discovered in B.E. 2507, consisting of five levels. The Princess Mother named it Namtok Sukthalai. One can swim in the small pool on several levels.

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