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Yala Central Mosque  is the main mosque of the province in western architectural style intertwined with the unique mosque frame. The front has about 30 wide steps leading to the upper terrace.

Namtok Than To  It is a large waterfall with cascading water running through seven levels with pools for swimming. The surrounding forest is lush with many interesting species including Si Yala ( Saraca thaipingensis Cantley ex Prain ) with yellow blooms in February.

Namtok La-ong Rung ( Rainbow Waterfall )  The slippery trek leads along the stream from the waterfall calls for precaution. During the rainy season, the waterfall has the effect of the rainbow, hence the name.

Sakai Village The Sakai is an ancient nomad tribe who exists on hunting and gathering, is an expert on herbal plants and using darts for hunting. Recently the Department of Social Work has developed the village by segregating the Sakai in one area and introduced rubber planting as their occupation.

Namtok Bu Ke Pilo or Namtok Tawan Ratsami  is about 19 kilometres from Amphoe Mueang. The entrance to the waterfall is about 500 metres from the village. This waterfall is different from other waterfalls in that when sunlight shines onto the water, it will affect the colour of the underwater rocks — they all turn beautiful yellow.

Betong is Malay, meaning - bamboo. This district is at the southernmost point of Thailand. The Betong city centre is surrounded by mountains, resulting in cool climate and high rainfall with frequent fog in the morning. It is therefore dubbed The City in the Fog with Beautiful Flowers.

Phra Mahathat Chedi Phra Phutthathammaprakat  This Chedi is built in the modern Sivijaya style, covered in gold colour. It is 39.9 metres high, built to commemorate the 69th birthday anniversary of Her Majesty the Queen.

Suan Sut Sayam ( Betong Municipality Park )  It is the overlook for the city, consisting of ornamental plants and flowering plants garden, avarium, health garden, a sports ground, a swimming pool, and a playground.

The Largest Mail Box in Thailand -  It was built in B.E. 2467 before World War II as the communication post for the townspeople, through the radio implanted on top of the box, and the mail slot below it. At present a new box had been built in a larger size ( nine metres tall ), and is located at the City Convention Hall ( Sala Prachakhom ).

Yala Province, Places to visit in this Province, Yala Central Mosque, Largest Mail Box in Thailand.