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Tham Krachaeng This cave is located at Ban Ka Sot, Tambon Bannang Sata, about 50 kilometres from Amphoe Muang Yala on Highway 410, passing the entrance to Bang Lang Dam then turn left onto a dirt road for 1.5 kilometres. The scenery is that of the mountains, the stream, and the cave, with the stream running through. During the dry season, one can walk along the stream through this cave to the other side and into an open area surrounded by mountains and lush forest.

Betong Municipality Park   Also called Suan Sut Siam, this park occupies an area of about 120 square kilometres on a hill in the middle of Betong city centre. It is the overlook for the city, consisting of ornamental plants and flowering plants garden, avarium, health garden, a sports ground, a swimming pool, and a playground. It is suitable for recreation and exercising. If one travels on Tanon Sukyang for seven kilometres from the Park, one will reach the southernmost point of Thailand that has a road connection into Malaysia.

Betong Town The word Betong is Malay, meaning bamboo. This district is at the southernmost point of Thailand, about 140 kilometres from Amphoe Muang Yala, on Highway 410. The road between Amphoe Than To and Amphoe Betong winds on the hillside, affording the scenery of the lake, forest, and rubber plantations.

The Betong city centre is surrounded by mountains, resulting in cool climate and high rainfall with frequent fog in the morning. It is therefore dubbed The City in the Fog with Beautiful Flowers. Betong is a large developed district. Malaysian tourists often visit the area because of its proximity. The food is outstanding and has a lot of tourists attractions. Travelling to Betong: from Amphoe Muang, one can take the van or taxi that operates hourly from across the Yala Railway Station. From Hat Yai there is an air-conditioned van to Yala and Betong, please call 0 7323 0905, 0 7323 3917-8, the service is at 8 a.m., 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Namtok Chaloem Phra Kiat Ro Kao This is in Tambon Ai Yoe Weng, turn right from Highway 410, between Amphoe Than To and Amphoe Betong at the 32-33 kilometre stone, onto the dirt road for three kilometres. The waterfall is more than 30 metres high, surrounded by lush forest.

Local Products

Shogun oranges is Yala’s leading economic crop. They are similar to the green sweet oranges but have soft tastier flesh.

Kluai Hin is a kind of banana, similar to Kluay Nam Wa, when boiled or glazed will have nutty taste.

Betong Noodles  the egg noodles that are very tasty.

Betong Soy Sauce  is made from soya beans with special method.