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The Situation in Southern Thailand and around Yala also. ( Continued )

Yala used to be part of the Pattani kingdom. When Ayutthaya was captured by the Burmese Yala, along with other southern colonies became independent. Yala was again included as part of Thailand about 41 years later. In September 1977, the King and Queen of Thailand narrowly avoided assassination after a bomb exploded nearby during a visit.

On 9 October, police officers from the 12th Provincial Police Headquarters and the Yala Provincial Police Headquarters arrested Abdun Romae Haron, Mae Prachu and Choning Saing on charges of conspiring with the escaped convicts Hayi Masae, Choya Samae and Abdun Romae in attempting to kill the monarchs.

The area was affected by flooding in November/December 2011 and several people lost their lives.

The city is centred around a circular park and meticulously planned, situated along the Phang Mueang, the central thoroughfare. There is a large park to the west of this with a lake/swamp.

The city contains a Pillar Shrine, Yala Central Mosque and a field hospital. Yala Central Mosque is a large mosque with a square shaped roof and green dome, located along the main road towards the north of the city. It has existed in its location for over a century and was damaged during the Japanese occupation of Thailand, but was subsequently rebuilt after World War II. Yala contains the Yala Hospital and Siroros Hospital, located along Route 4106 to serve the surrounding district. The Tham Phab Khien Fa Panang caves lie to the east of Yala on the way to Budi and contain some 500 year old rock paintings.


The main occupation of the people is trade, agriculture, and business and government services, given that it the capital of Mueang Yala District and contains district offices.

The Yala Railway is an important method of trade between the city and other areas of southern Thailand. Secondary industry also has some significance, given that the city contains the Muang Yala Municipal Slaughterhouse in the western part of the city near the river bank, Shaapan Rubber Factory, Sun Thai Yala Co. Ltd. ( a wood processing firm ), Charoenporn Ice Factory, and mineral water distillery.

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