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The Malay dialect used in Satun is distinctly different from Pattani Malay and is much closer to the Kedah dialect of Malay, with a significant admixture of Thai influences. Since Satun had belonged to the Kedah Sultanate, which had a strong relationship with both Ayutthaya and Siam under the Chakri dynasty, its Malay Muslims commonly intermarry with Thai Buddhists without serious religious hesitation. This custom has created a distinct social group known as Samsam, meaning a mixed person. Most Samsams, if not all, are Muslims.Unlike the other Muslim majority provinces in Thailand, Satun does not have a history of political confrontation with the central power in Bangkok or of tension with the Buddhist population which makes up the majority of Thailand as a country. Malay Muslims in Satun are substantially assimilated and rarely sympathise with separatism from Thailand, in contrast to the Malay Muslims in Pattani, Narathiwat and Yala.

The provincial seal shows Pra Samut Thewaa sitting on a stone in the sea, with the sunset behind. Pra Samut Thewaa is a spirit who guards the sea. The stone is his divine vehicle. The sunset symbolizes the Andaman Sea, which lies to the west of the province.

The provincial tree is the Thai Rosewood or Pha-yungklaep ( Dalbergia bariensis ) and the provincial flower is the Snowy Orchid Tree ( Bauhinia acuminata ). The province's motto is Peaceful, Clean and Pure Nature.

Districts of Satun

Satun is subdivided into seven districts ( Amphoe ). These are further sub divided into 36 sub districts ( Tambon ) and 277 villages ( Muban ). Satun itself is the only town ( thesaban mueang ), there are further five townships ( thesaban tambon). The non - municipal area is administrated by 35 tambon administrative organizations (TAO). 1).   Mueang Satun    

2)   Khuan Don  3)  Khuan Kalong    4) Tha Phae    5)  La-ngu    6)    Thung Wa    7).   Manang

Originally, the province was subdivided into 2 districts - Mambang and Thung Wa - and the minor district

( King Amphoe ) La - ngu. Due to the decline of pepper production in Thung Wa district, in 1930 the government made Thung Wa a minor district and instead declared La-ngu a district. In 1939 Mambang was renamed to Mueang Satun. Khuan Kalong was split off from Mueang district in 1969, from which in turn Tha Pae was split in 1976 and Manang in 1996. In 1973 Thung Wa regained district status. Khuan Don was established in 1975 by splitting it from Mueang district

Satun Province, Page 2, Information about the province, the Provincial seal, And districts of Satun Satun Province, Page 2, Information about the province, the Provincial seal, And districts of Satun Satun Province, Page 2, Information about the province, the Provincial seal, And districts of Satun

Kuden Mansion or National museum. Satun Province