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Satun Central Mosque or Mambang Mosque  It is a place for religious services. The mosque is in a modern style of architecture. Its white building is decorated with glazed tiles, marble, and glass.

Satun National Museum – Kuden Mansion / Istana Tengku Kudin of Kedah  During 1997 – 2000, the Fine Arts Department renovated the Kuden Mansion into a western two - storey brick building. Curved doors and windows are in the European architectural style of art. Its Thai-styled hip-roof is covered with Spanish terra cotta roof tiles. The top of the pediment is adorned with a star-shaped vent in accordance with Islamic architecture.

Khao To Phaya Wang Public Park This park offers a distinctive atmosphere unlike other parks.

Wat Chanathip Chaloem  This is the first Buddhist temple in the town of Satun. The Ubosot ( ordination hall ) has distinctive features, unlike an ordination hall in general. It is a Thai-styled two - storey building. The first storey is a brick building used as a preaching hall. The second storey is a wooden building for religious practice by Buddhist monks.

Laem Tanyong Po and Hat Sai Yao  is a cape jutting into the Andaman Sea where there is a fishing village. Its long sandy beach is fringed with coconut trees and fishermen’s houses.

Tarutao National Park It is the first marine national park of Thailand. The park is renowned for its history and natural beauty. The area was declared a national park on 19 April 1974, and ASEAN Heritage Parks and Reserves by UNESCO in 1982. Attractions in the Tarutao National Park:

Koh Tarutao It is the largest island of the park, covering an area of 152 km². Most of the areas are mountains with a moist evergreen forest, interesting species of plants and wildlife. Some part of the area is a mangrove forest. There are many bays, both small and large, with beautiful beaches.

Attractions on Koh Tarutao:

Ao Phante Melaka  It is a bay with a clean long white beach. The headquarters of the Tarutao National Park is located here.

Ao Chak This small bay is next to Ao Phante Melaka.

Ao Mo Lae The bay possesses a clean white sandy beach. There is a beautiful grove of coconut trees amidst tranquility.

Ao Son This curve-shaped bay has sandy beaches which are interspersed with rocky beaches. It is also an egg - laying ground for sea turtles.

Places to see around Satun Province, Satun National Museum - Kudan Mansion, Tarutao National Park