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Ao Talo Wao It is a historical area where the reformatory estate for detention and critical prisoners was established. Nowadays, the park has imitation buildings of the past.

Ao Talo Udang  It is a bay located to the south of the island, eight km from Koh Langkawi. The Park’s Ranger Station To To 2 ( Talo Udang ) is situated here. In the past, it was where political prisoners from the Bowondet and Nai Sip rebels were detained.

Namtok Ludu  It is a small beautiful waterfall, around three km from Ao Son. There is a nature trail from Ao Son to Namtok Ludu.

Tham Chorakhe It is a cave of 300 m in depth. Inside, beautiful stalactites and stalagmites can be found in different forms.

Pha To Bu Viewpoint  Pha To Bu is a cliff 60 m above sea level. The viewpoint is behind the park’s headquarters, overlooking the beach of Ao Phante Melaka, Ko Bulon, Ko Klang, Ko Khai, Ko Adang, Ko Rawi, and Muko Phetra.

Koh Khai It is an island to the west of Koh Tarutao. This small island is located between Koh Tarutao and Koh Adang. The famous feature of Koh Khai is its natural stone arch which is used as the symbol of the Tarutao National Park. Coral reefs are commonly found in the sea around Koh Khai.

Muko Adang – Rawi These are the islands located 40 km to the southwest of Koh Tarutao, or 60 km from the town of Satun.

Koh Adang  The island has an area of around 30 km 2, with many beautiful beaches of fine sand. It is surrounded by small islands, and is an ideal place for skin-diving.

Koh Rai  This island has an area of about 29 km 2, with beautiful beaches, crystal clear sea, and serenity.

Namtok Than Plio  It originates from Mount Lung Khroe in the provincial areas of Satun and Trang. This two-tiered waterfall has a pool of 40 m wide and 50 m long at its base. The surrounding area is shady with various plants.

Koh Lipeh or Koh Lipe  There is a community of Moken ( Chao Le or Andaman Sea Gypsies ) here. Most families earn a living by fishing. Most importantly, the villagers will build boats from Rakam wood and perform a ceremony to float the boat, according to their belief in the prediction of their fishing. Koh Lipe is becoming a major tourist destination with many bungalow complexes on the two main beaches, Pattaya and Sunrise Beach.

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