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Koh Hin Ngam It is a small island located to the southwest of Koh Adang. On the beach, there are smooth black stones in different shapes and with beautiful patterns. The stones will be bright and glossy when wet.

Koh Yang or Koh Kata Here, the sea is crystal clear and it is a source of beautiful hard corals, such as stag horn coral, leaf coral, and brain coral.

Koh Chabang It is a small island. Deep down around the submerged rocks is the habitat of soft corals, sea anemones, and schools of colourful fish.

Muko Dong  It is the islands on the farthest outer ring of Muko Adang – Rawi, around one hour from Koh Adang. There are coral reefs in both shallow and deep sea. Around Koh Dong are 4 – 5 satellite islands. One of them is Koh Hin Son, which prominently looks like superimposed rocks.

Tham Lot Puyu  This passable cave is like the one in Ao Phang - nga. Khlong Tha Chin or Tha Chin Canal flows through the cave. Mangrove forests flank the canal throughout its course. Inside the cave, there are some stalactites and stalagmites.

Thale Ban National Park  Most of the areas are a complex of mountains and dense woods. Wild animals found here include serow, elephant, tapir, common wild pig, monkey, gibbon, and Khiat Wak, or Ma Nam ( Giant Asiatic toad or Malayan giant toad ).

Attractions in the Thale Ban National Park:

Bueng Thale Ban It is a freshwater lake located in the middle of a valley flanked by the Chin and the Wang Pra Ranges.

Namtok Ya Roi  It originates from a source in the Hua Kraming Forest.

Namtok Ton Plio It originates from Mount Chin. This large and beautiful multi-tiered waterfall flows from a high cliff.

Thai – Malaysian Border Zone or Wang Prachan Checkpoint  It is just two km from the park’s headquarters. Located here is the Thale Ban National Park Ranger Station.

Satun Province in Thailand, Places to see, Koh Hin Ngam, Thale Ban National Park, Muko Dong.