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If you are dying to explore uncharted territory, get off the beaten path and head to Satun. Bumped up against Malaysia, the Andaman coast’s southernmost region is too far off the tourist trail to see much action. The largely undeveloped Ko Tarutao Marine National Park encompasses some of the most pristine untamed islands in the Andaman, all drenched in luxuriant greenery and edged by stereotypically splendid tropical beaches. Plucky explorers willing to put forth the effort it takes to get there will not be disappointed.

Namtok Thara Sawan Forest Park  The area was declared a forest park by the Royal Forest Department on 23 July 1996. Regular rain causes an abundant evergreen forest here.

Namtok Panan It is located in Tambon Thung Nui, 39 km from the town of Satun. The waterfall originates from Mount Kaming. The surrounding nature is still intact. It has water flowing all year round. A power generating dam of a medium scale has been built in the waterfall area.

La - ngu Local Museum  The museum building has two storey's. On the ground floor, there are local handicrafts and sweets for sale. A museum on the upper floor displays brass ware, earthenware, silverware, etc. which is the private collection of Mr. Chaiwat Saikun.

Muko Phetra National Park  Most of the areas are high and steep mountains with valley plains and beaches. The national park has forests, mountains, wildlife, and colourful coral reefs. It is composed of large and small main islands. Attractions in the Muko Phetra National Park:

Ao Nun It is a bay where the park’s headquarters is located. Ao Nun lies on a vast bay curve in serenity.

Hat Rawai The beach is fringed with lines of pine trees.

Koh Lidi Lek  The Park’s Ranger Station is located here. A white sandy beach lies on the island. A virgin mangrove forest grows at the island’s side where various aquatic animals inhabit.

Koh Bulon  There are scattered spots for snorkelling and scuba diving, such as Koh Ayam and Koh Hin Khao. At night, hermit crabs and ghost crabs can be seen on the beach.

Namtok Wang Sai Thong  The beauty of this waterfall is the limestone like multi-petalled lotus flowers settling on the bottom of the pools at each of its tiers.