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Festivals held in Satun Province.

International Kite Festival Held every year around February at the Satun Airport, around four km before the town of Satun.

Tarutao – Adang Fishing Club Fair Held every year around March.

Satun Marine Tourism Festival Held around December to mark the start of the marine tourism season in Satun.

Boat Floating Tradition To be observed by Chao Le or sea dwellers at Koh Lipe in Satun around the middle of the sixth and eleventh lunar months of every year. It is intended to dispel bad luck, as well as predict their fishing.

There is not much excitement in the predominantly Muslim populated town of Satun. Most visitors head for the Tarutao National Park ( a group of beautiful islands about two hours by ferry ride from the jetty of Tammalang). Tammalang is the southern gateway to Satun ( by ferry from Langkawi or from Kuala Perlis ).

From Tammalang, the ferry times to the island of Koh Li Pe is ETD 12.30 am and takes about three hours, to Koh Tarutao is ETD 10 am and ETA 4 pm ( varies, the ferry may turn up at 5 or 6 pm local time ). Check out the island activities at the local tour agent at the Tammalang jetty point. After booking your tour, you may want to head back to Satun to stay the night before the next morning early tour.

While in Satun, walk around to discover the quaint attractions of Satun town and enjoy the local food. Local food includes spicy Thai food, Chinese style fare and Malaysian influenced cooking of roti canai. There are a few pubs along the main town street. The only disco in town is about three km from the town centre - last visit, there were about four customers and two sexy dancers for the whole night!

Wake up early and try to jog around the Monkey Park. It's just at the back of Phiman School and you will see a rocky mountain and a river besides it. You can circumnavigate this mountain by motorbike or by car as they have built concrete roads here and you will be amazed by the population of tamed monkeys here because they are used to the locals feeding them. Be sure to bring some fruits and snacks but the monkeys now prefer chips than fruits. And be attentive to your belongings. These monkeys tend to steal them away. There are also little caves here around the base of the mountain that are worth to take pictures of. Also, you can climb up the mountain by the concrete stairways the government had built. There are also cottages here for free if you want to listen to the gush of flowing water in the river and watch the monkeys fool around. You can also go here in the afternoon before sunset around 4 pm as many locals go at this time.

The above ferry trip to the Tarutao National Park islands cost about 1000 Baht return ( you can book the ticket through the agent too ). Scuba gear, snorkelling sets are available for rent at the island dive shops. So just bring your suntan lotion and cash ( better to change the currency on the mainland - better rates ).