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Restaurants do not seem to have prominent signage or branding. As such it is difficult to label one better than another. Fortunately most of the food is good Thai food with a noticeable lack of western franchises such as McDonald's or Starbucks.

Do not be afraid to walk up to any place that looks as if it's serving food and just use sign language or simple English to order food. Most people are very receptive and will go out of their way to help you get something in your belly. Phonetically Pad See Ewe is fried noodles with various vegetable bits and perhaps some meat. Be adventurous, chew slowly, and watch out for bones. In Muslim stalls they prefer their "Rotee" with a sauce.

For a good snack or information about regional food and the city Satun with his most exciting places .. asking cost nothing !

You cannot go to Satun without eating at  KWONG LOOK CHIN PLAA, next to Rain Tong Hotel and the fresh food market, it stands out from the surrounding buildings because of its bright red and yellow decor and it is immaculately clean. They specialise in seafood noodles and the most amazing chicken soup, the taste is... Wonderful.

They also have some rice dishes and extraordinary delicious ice cream sundaes, which can be compared to Swensons but at a fraction of the price. You can sit outside next to a peaceful, serene mangrove, which is full of nature, here it's possible to see giant lizards, otters, turtles, and you can see sea eagles on most days.


Southern Thailand is predominantly Muslim which means that a portion of the population seriously does not condone alcohol consumption. Alcohol is available in some restaurants and in most mini - marts. There are a few bars downtown and some other places with karaoke machines in the surrounding area.

Until 1813 Satun was a district of the Malay state of Kedah, but the region was ceded to Britain in 1909 under the Anglo-Siamese Treaty and became a province of Siam in 1925. Largely Muslim in make-up, Satun has seen little of the political turmoil that plagues the neighbouring regions of Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat.

Around 60% of people here speak Yawi or Malay as a first language, and the few Wat’s in the region are small, impoverished and vastly outnumbered by mosques

Satun Province, Thailand, Places to eat here and a little about the place

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