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Amphoe Panare

Hat Chalalai Situated about two kilometres far from District Hall on Pattani - Narathiwat route, the beach is highlighted by a large pond near the pine line, which is shaded for relaxation.

Hat Khae Khae Situated 43 kilometres from Pattani. Khae Khae is a local Malay word ( Yawee ) which means loud noise. The beach is in Tambon Nam Bo and is two kilometres from Hat Ratcharak. With its large granite rocks along the coast, the beach looks quite different from the others and is naturally reputed as the most beautiful beaches in Panare.

Hat Ma Ruat Located next to Chalalai Beach for about two kilometres, this beach is characterized by the amazing site of the aggregated small rock mountains overlapping each other. Visitors can use the long walkway to the top of the mountain.

Hat Panare Situated about three kilometres from Panare town on the same route to Talo-kapo Beach, there are many households of fishermen, Kolae and boats along the beach.

Hat Ratcharak This beach is extended from Chalalai, Maruad, and Khae Khae Beaches. It is only one kilometre from Hat Maruad and is two kilometres before approaching Hat Khae Khae. Visitors can use the same route to Chalalai and Maruad Beaches. The large beach surrounded by rocks and hills is the most striking site for view watching.

Palas Market Being about 30 kilometres from Pattani by highway no.42, the market can be visited in the morning of every Wednesday and Sunday. Also, this venue reflects the really rural lifestyle of the southern Thai Muslims whereby shoppers are clad in their local costumes and colourful batik head bands.

Ban Paseyawo This is a well-known venue for Kolae Boat making. This kind of boat is for the fishermen in Pattani and Narathiwat. The highlighting characteristics of the Kolae is the narrowing head and tail, with unique colour. Besides the real Kolae for fishery, there are also imitations made for souvenirs. The making of Kolae by the local people here has been accepted by its neatness which integrates arts between Thai and Muslims. Otherwise, Ban Paseyawo is also reputed as best in producing tasteful Budu southern sauce.

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