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Dato Mosque Located at Mu 4, Ban Dato, Tambon Laem Pho, it is about ten kilometres from Yaring District Hall on the same route to Talo-kapo Beach. This old Mosque is surrounded by Islamic community and graveyard, and has been renovated and is still used for religious ceremony.

Hat Talo-kapo Beach This beach is about 18 kilometres from Pattani town. The way to get to the beach is to go along highway no.42 (Pattani - Narathiwat route, turn left at Amphoe Yaring, cross Yamu canal and pass the forest area and villages. With its long white sand, line of pines and coconut trees, this beach is one of the most popular ones in Pattani. There are many Kolae boats with their unique colourful characteristics of the southern fishermen. This beach is extended due to the current of sea move sand in. This venue is most suitable for relaxation and view watching.

Laem Ta Chi or Laem Pho This is another white-sand beach extended from Talo-kapo Beach. It has been the accumulation of sand spit into the Gulf of Thailand on the north. At the end of the beach is an open area with wider view, best for sight-seeing. There are two routes to Laem Ta Chi: by boat from the mouth of Pattani River to Laem Ta Chi which will take about more than an hour, or from the pier in Yaring, go along Yamu Canal, out of sea, to Laem Ta Chi. The most preferable way is by car, from Yaring, cross Yamu Canal for about ten kilometre to the tip of Laem Ta Chi.

Yaring Natural Study Centre Located near Yamu Canal, opposite to Yaring District Hall, the centre is in Yaring National Forest, with the area of 500 Rai. There is a 1,250 metre wooden bridge as the walkway for natural study of the forest. Along the natural trail, there are several species of plants, rest area and a bird-watching tower with the height of 13 metres.

Besides, there are delightful boat trips for visitors of nature lovers. There are three canals: Bang Pu, Klang, and Kolae. Along both banks, visitors can experience the fertility of water animals, birds, local lifestyles. For more details, contact Pattani Forest Regional Office at Tel: 0 7334 9146 ext.4146.

Hat Ratchadapisek  Situated at Ban Sai Mo, Tambon Sai Mo, this beach is about 15 kilometres from Pattani City, or two kilometres away from Nong Chik District Office.

Hat Sai Chai Bueng Ban Laweng  Chai Bueng Ban Laweng has different surroundings and nature. There is a large pond near the white beach. Moreover, there is a local handicraft centre ( Ban Laweng ) displaying weaving products.

Hat Bang Sai  Located at Mu 6, Tambon Sai Thong, 74 kilometres from Pattani, this beach is about five kilometres in length.

Hat Pa Mai This beach is located at Mu 3, Tambon Sai Thong, an extension from Hat Bang Sai.