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Local Products

Bird Cages This is made from fine bamboo, and has many designs. This product comes from Prikri Market, Mu 3, Tambon Kradai, Amphoe Mueang.

Brass ware Brass ware such as trays, bowls, and other styles are available on Pattani Road.

Budu Sauce This is one of the ingredients for Khao Yam, the southern local food. This delicious sauce can be kept for a long time.

Fish & Chips This is one of the local products of Sai Buri. It is delicious, and crispy.

Luk Yi Kuan Luk Yi is a kind of fruit available in Yarang district. Luk Yi Kuan or preserved Luk Yi has no seeds with very good taste. It can also be modified to other types of local sweets. And it is recommended for delicious local snacks.

Pateh Pateh is the most popular name to call products such as such as clothes, sarong, handkerchiefs, plate mats which are on sale in front of the Municipality Market.


Chak Phra Festival This annual festival has been organized to commemorate the day that Lord Buddha came back from the heaven. Buddhists in Amphoe Khok Pho and nearby will accompany the decorated boat procession from all temples. The procession will be composed of beautifully dressed people. Activities include dancing and offering food to Buddhist monks at the District Office’s field for five days, five nights.

Chao Mae Lim Ko Niao Fair This fair is celebrated annually 15 days after Chinese New Year. Highlighting the event is the procession to carry the wooden sculpture of Chao Mae Lim Ko Niao-a goddess which is respected by the citizens of Chinese ethnicity in Pattani. This annual fair also features extraordinary arts of endurance such as walking on fire. Before joining the festival for seven days, participants of the fair need to be vegetarians by having no-meat food at least seven days before the festival. Normally, the fair is celebrated widely by the people of Pattani and of nearby provinces.

Fishing Sports in Sai Buri The event is annually held on the second weekend of May at Hat Wasukri, Amphoe Sai Buri. Due to the long coast and the great amount of a variety of fish, this sport has become very popular and exciting.

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