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Places to visit in Phatthalung Province.


Phraya Thukkharat ( Chuai ) Monument  Phraya Thukkharat was a former monk named Phra Maha Chuai. During the Nine Armies War in the reign of King Rama I, Phra Maha Chuai helped Phraya Phatthalung who headed a force of villagers to fight and defeat the Burmese army. Later, he left the monk hood and was royally appointed as Phraya Thukkharat in charge of official duties as an assistant to the city ruler.


Coconut Shell Handicraft Centre of Mueang Phatthalung This is a village of handicrafts made from coconut shell.

Thale Noi Non-hunting Area  This is the first non-hunting area ever founded in Thailand. Interesting things at the Thale Noi


Waterfowl Park are the Thale Noi Palace, sea of blooming lotus in the morning, flocks of waterfowls, the nesting and egg-laying grounds of waterfowls at Ao Mo and those at Khuan Thale Mong, Khuan Khi Sian Ranger Station, and the Sala Nang


Riam viewpoint. Thale Noi lake is a unique bird breeding place, with over 180 species of birds listed.


Wat Khian Kaeo  It was recognized as a model temple for development in 1990. In addition, the temple houses a museum where Buddha images and crockery have been collected.


Laem Chong Thanon It is a fishing village in Tambon Chong Thanon.


Namtok Phraiwan  This large-scale waterfall is tranquil and full of shady trees.


Namtok Lan Mom Chui It is a waterfall amidst a shady forest in the area of the Ban Tamot

Wildlife Protection Unit.


Khao Ok Thalu Situated on Highway No. 4047, Khao Ok Thalu rises majestically east of the train

station. This mountain is a symbol of the province. It is about 250 metres high. Stairs lead up

to the summit where visitors can get a panoramic view of the province. The name of the mountain

derives from a hole near the top that allows people to see through it.



Places to see and visit in Phattahalung Province, Phraya Thukkharat Monument, Wat Khian Kaeo

Phatthalung Province,Page 4, Places to see and Visit, Phraya Thukkharat Monument, Wat Khian Kaeo