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Hat Saen Suk Lampam This sandy beach along the coastal line of Songkhla Lake is fringed by shady pine trees. The pavilion jutting into the sea called Sala Lampam Thi Rak, serves as a viewpoint to admire the lake’s surroundings.


Phatthalung Governors Residence. This interesting place is at Tambon Lam Pam, near Wat Wang. Originally a government place and the home of the city lord, the part called Wang Kao ( old palace ), three adjoining Thai houses, built in the time of Phraya Phatthalung ( Noi Chantharotchanawong ) when he was the provincial governor. The palace later became the property of Mrs. Praphai Mutamara, the daughter of Luang Si Worachat. The new palace, or Wang Mai, was built in 1889 by Phraya Aphaiborirakchakrawichitphiphitphakdi ( Net Chantharotchanawong ), the son of Phraya Phatthalung, then the provincial governor. The Chantharotchanawong family has given this palace to the country. The Fine Arts Department declared it a national historical site in 1983.


Phra Phutthanirokhantarai Chaiwat Chaturathit This Buddha image is also known as Phra Si Mum Mueang which is a sacred relic of Phatthalung. It is housed in a square pavilion in an area between the provincial hall and the provincial court. This bronze image in the meditation posture was given to the province by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej in 1968.

Khao Pu – Khao Ya National Park  The most geographical features are forests in the Banthat Range which has a complex of mountains with Khao Hin Thaen as the highest mountaintop. Most of the floras belong to a moist evergreen forest. Wild animals consist of 60 species of mammals. In addition, other places of interest are as follow:-


Tham Matcha Pla Won  It is a medium cave, about two km from the park headquarters. Inside, there are three spacious chambers, stalactites, stalagmites, limestone curtain, and many bats. Furthermore, the Asian giant toad and millipede are also found here.


Pha Phueng It is a limestone cliff, around 300 m from the park headquarters. Giant bees always come to make hundreds of hives here every year during February to April.


Nature Trails There are two trails within the area of the park headquarters.

Khlong Hu Rae or Hu Rae Canal is large and full of clear and clean water. The canal’s bottom is sandy and boulders lie at its depth.


Tham Sumano  Inside, there are some stalactites and stalagmites, as well as spacious chambers. The cave is cool and shady with spectacular nature. It comprises a system of 18 small caves. The cave is also used for insight development and Dharma practices.